Demi for Fabletics 2018 Summer Release - June 2018

I am back with another Demi for Fabletics review. This was a June release and mine is a bit late beacause of these pants in particular. I love the way the Demi items in the last three collections have hugged my curves and accentuated them. This sports bra in particular made its debut in November/December and I loved it. When I saw it was back again there was no doubt that I would be ordering it. The leggings were another story. So to start, the sports bra I ordered in an XS. I am not sure if it comes in XXS, but I prefer a larger sports bra so I can breath easy while working out. The bottoms I got in more regular XXS. 

Canon II
High-Waisted Statement PowerHold Legging
Saoirse Sports Bra

The original leggings I ordered did fit, but they have this little zipper at the top and when I went to pull them up over my backside the zipper popped. I was able to exchange them in the store and had an XS sent to me with no issues the same day. So, I usually do not work out in long pants especially during the Summer, but today was the day. The fabric is not like the fabric they usually use. Its not thick and it doesn't cling to your skin, but it feels very soft and cotton like. It was 92 degrees today so I am sure I put them to the test and there are hardly any sweat stains. I also noticed they are in fact seamless. The band was comfortable and honestly I think the zipper is not needed, but the over all design of the pants is great. And I love the color.

Salar Mesh Powerhold 7/8
Rochelle Sports Bra

 I wore this set outside ( enjoy it now because as Summer progresses I am going to stop going outside because it is way too hot). I love this sports bra and the leggings are so comfortable. Both sets are made of a soft material and it is form fitting without being tight. I feel both sets accentuate the female body and I loved them. I loved this olive green color so much and I felt like it was so different for summer.

So far I have done 4 Demi for Fabletics reviews and only the first line fell flat for me. It's improved every time and I love that.



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