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Welcome to my blog space! My name is Airie and I am a Florida girl. I started this blog in 2011 while I was finishing up college as a hobby. I wanted to focus on "Florida Style" as well as shopping on a budget since I was unemployed and in college with literally a budget of $50-100.00 a month for shopping; I had been recently laid off and had some free time in between classes and studies. I came across YouTube one night when looking up information on hair products and I saw my first product review. I  had already been a successful Mary Kay consultant for a over a year and figured this would be a great transition into something new and fun.

What is my blog all about? This is a one stop hub for everything I love Fashion, natural hair, makeup, cooking, living in the city, and fitness. This blog also has my YouTube videos embedded for easy watching. Over the last 7 years my blog has seen a lot of change. Many have seen me loose weight, chop off my hair, graduate college, move to the city, and travel.

This blog space is where I come to be creative and have fun. I love finding and reviewing new products as well as putting together OOTD's and Lookbooks. I look forward to continuing to come up with posts on all the topics I love and thanks to everyone who continues to support me!

As of right now 2018,  I am currently a brand ambassador or affiliate for several amazing companies such as Just Fab, Fabletics, Ettika, Rocksbox, Amazon.com, Lulus, Daily Harvest, Juno Beauty Co, Charming Charlie, Tabbisocks, Avon, and NIMA by 6Sensorlabs.

And previously with WeAreOnyx, BeautyConBFF, Hydrate,Coco Conscious Collective, ROMWE, and LUX App.

I have also partnered with other companies such as Neiman Marcus, Adore Me, Lotta Body, Charlotte Lacroix, Freshly, Naturebox, Baginc, Vanity Planet, Soulfeel, Taliah Waajid, Nuunat Naturals, Shea Moisture, Scotties Tissues, and Iya Ijebu.

I love bring fresh new content to my subscribers though ambassador/influenster opportunities! I only partner with companies that I truly believe have great products that will benefit not only me, but subscribers also!

For any business inquiries you can contact me at Fashiontolive@gmail.com.

(Excerpt From the January 2018 "City Life" Post) I hope that you guys can see an evolution of my cooking (and hopefully plating). Like I explained last Fall/Winter, my new cooking gadgets always inspire me to try different things. I love buying new things to enhance my ability to cook better meals. After I purchased my Sous Vide and Cast Iron I went HAM in the kitchen. Not only that, I subscribe to so many cooking magazines and websites and I find inspiration everywhere online. The best part about it is that I can take just about any meal I see and convert that into a low calories, healthy, gluten free meal which is why I share my meals; because gluten free food is good!

Sometimes I am in the mood for a staple meal which is basically something that I grew up eating and it's like comfort food for me and sometimes I want to try a new recipe or experiment in the kitchen. Sometimes I wonder how I keep all my recipes straight because I have probably over 1,300 at this point. When I first got married 12 years ago I could make spaghetti, omelettes, and a few staple meals (like 2). I was working 2 jobs and going to school and cooking wasn't a passion just a necessity of life. Once I finally got my weight under control I was unemployed and in college and I had time to learn how to cook proper healthy low calorie meals. You may have come across my YouTube channel FashiontoliveTV. I enjoyed making tutorials, but with all the work and the changes made to YouTube it wasn't work all the time I was putting in. Learning how to make healthy meals became a passion and then when I had to go gluten free once again it was a necessity, but still a passion- especially since everyone kept saying gluten free food was nasty.

Now, no one in my family can believe that these meals are mine because my parents notoriously tell everyone I did not know how to cook and then all of a sudden I started cooking. I can outcook all of them (he he he). Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy and share my photos so they can get more exposure! And follow me on Snapchat for daily cooking name Fashiontolive.

If you have any questions you can always leave a comment on my blog or any of my other social media accounts because I check them routinely. For business inquiries only please contact me at Fashiontolive@gmail.com.

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