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Beauty & Strength Apparent: A Look at My Fitness Journey Over 10 Years

I wanted to write an op-ed about my fitness journey because I am in fact a brand ambassador for a fitness company, but fitness was an important part of my life prior to representing this company; it is luck that I came to be affiliated with them to be honest.

I have been practicing yoga now for 2 years and 4 months. I was introduced to yoga through Fabletics as a brand ambassador. Due to internet culture the only yoga photos I was exposed to was the "look at me I am doing yoga, but really it's like look how sexy I am". Yoga not only angered me, it made me uncomfortable as someone who had already been on a long fitness journey.

So let's rewind. All my life I have been lean, not really muscular, just lean with a little bit of muscle tone. I never had to work out per se. I could get my daily exercise walking at my job because I worked at a theme park. Even then, I had gotten to be about a size 9 after working there for a while because food was so cheap and I used to ha…

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