VLOG City Life: Moody July 2018 New Restaurants Around Tampa- Gluten Free Home Cooked Meals- Hauls- Candle Reviews and Fitness

Hi loves. For a long time I felt like I had to hide my life from people not because I was doing anything wrong, but because people were intimidated by me.  I was surrounded with people who claimed they were wishing me well when they were wishing me to fail. I even went as far as to delete every single photo from my Facebook page when I was 27 years old. When I moved I lost all of my photos even the ones that were backed up on detachable hard drive. 

I recently found a few that got saved to a cloud drive and I am grateful for that. What I realized is if I am blessed enough, my husband and I will continue to work hard to excel and the people who did those things to me- they won't be in my life anymore trying to keep me down. A lot of people like to make so many assumptions about me and talk trash, but no one ever wants to say anything to my face because they are cowards. 

I have a lot on my plate especially during the Summer which is a time I absolutely hate. I have been on double duty keeping negative vibes away and I have to say July was quite nice compared to June.


I have literally had people tell me I am too positive, too happy, my life is too perfect. Nothing is perfect, but it may look that way to someone on the outside looking in that only wants to see just that. I strive to show all sides of my life as a content creator. I never want anyone to think that my life is perfect because most days I don't even feel well and I don't want to be bothered. I make it my sole mission to set one goal a day, one project a month, and to see something new every week so that I never succumb to everything around me. I don't think you can ever be too positive by the way.

My orchid is finally blooming after 3 years

IN THE CITY: I have had so many new opportunities as a blogger come up this summer from the Ocean Prime event to the Mandarin Heights event. I am super excited that not only do local restaurants want me to be at their events as an influencer, but I am so glad to show what Tampa has to offer. I usually blog my dinner trips so if it is an event where the food and drinks are free I will tell you all that because I don't want to be misleading. Everything posted here are my dates with my husband as usual. Tampa is growing so much and I just love going to new restaurants and events. I drive my husband crazy sometimes because he may want to stay home, but my dream was always to live right in the city and go to everything and anything. I had a house- I had everything I could want in the suburbs 5 years ago, but we were so far from Tampa proper I missed so many events. I know my post started out a little bleak because honestly I deal with a lot of stuff on a day to day basis that I don't really talk about, but things like this makes me happy! Check out the Tampa Love Wall...XOXO

C/O Daily Harvest

C/O Ancient Nutrition
Right before my trip I was sent a box of Keto goodies from Ancient nutrition. My husband is on a Keto diet however, these products are protein packed and gluten free so I was happy to try them out too. I actually received 4 types of bone broth (up to 20 grams of protein), which I did pack in my go bag for Cuba in case I couldn't find food some days.

The box contains:
A Mug
Milk frother
Keto Collegen
4 .78 oz packs of Bone broth Protein which is a whole food dietary supplement.
Flavors include: regular (pure), chocolate, tumeric, and vanilla.

This month's Rocksbox

Avon Anew ClayMask Collection  C/O Avon
This is a new skin enhancing formula from Avon to purify, brighten, calm, and (OR) rejuvenate your skin. I am beyond grateful to have received this from Avon with my own personalized headband. I actually cried a little when I saw it. nI have now taken this on two vacations this month and not had a chance to use it because I was so busy. I am going to take the time for myself this week- before July ends and have my own pampering moment.

This month's Adore Me purchase is super sexy, but alas the bra at the top is super uncomfortable. However, if you are wearing this it probably won't remain on for long!

c/o Junobeautyco
The Juno Co has a new pallet out titled "Summer Nights" which has 12 super pigmented and melt proof shades that they have deemed "destination worthy" as well as the velvet microfiber velvet sponge which will give your face an airbrushed foundation application.

I surprisingly have not wavered on my fitness despite having stiff joints the last two months. I have just been working harder. The thing that I really want to talk about is how my husbands Keto diet has affected me. At first I was really annoyed with him for changing his diet again  because he suddenly wouldn't be eating beans, grains, grits, a lot of fruits and veggies and I had just been grocery shopping. It's been about 2 months and he has stuck to it, I cook 90% of his meals and I actually am fine with it most of the time now. I make him zoodles when I have pasta and I make him cauliflower rice when I have rice. I must admit it hurts me that he can't have grits and tomatoes right now because there are just some staple meals that I love making and now he says he can't have them because of sugar or carbs. 

Do I know much about Keto? No, does he? No. But I Google things a lot when I cook for him and add up the carbs and break it down per dish. At the end of the day I just want him to loose weight and be happy with his body. He isn't currently working out- but he has lost 20 pounds so far. He has a closet full of clothes he hasn't been able to wear since grad school and the fact that he is able to fit in them now elates him. Whats even more great? I have Been able to partner with a few Keto/gluten free brands like Ancient Nutrition  and their products have benefitted both of us.

I do have two things to say though... these photos were from my vacation to Cuba and I was just so proud of how far I have come with my Yoga. I did not even have a chance to warm up today. I never thought I would get this far so never give up! I had surgery on my tailbone when I was 18ish and one of my legs is smaller and weaker and harder to bend. Its the leg I am now standing on in this photo I believe. I get a little confused when looking at photos, but its my right leg. Anyhow, I am coming along. I will be 3 years Yoga strong in September!!!!

Aromatherapy Relax: Lavender and cedar wood to calm and your mind and inspire tranquility. I specifically waited to light my aromatherapy candle until I was stressed to see if it did in fact help me de-stress. I can say that I did feel better and the scent was light and airy.

Blue Agave: This candle smells great when you hold it up to your nose, but when you light it it smells like you are burning a aloe leaf. The scent gets stronger and stronger and every time I lit it it overpowered everything. It was a bit much for my sense. On an unexpected note, I burned a trivet in my kitchen by accident and my whole condo ended up smelling like burnt wood. I decided to burn this candle to see if I could get rid of the smell and it worked!! I was quite surprised so I decided to show this candle a little love now.

Shades of summer: Orange blossoms, bright citrus, and soft coconut husk. This candle smells a lot like sunscreen in my opinion. The scent is really really mild and easy to miss while burning it. I think this one was a miss.


NIMA tested gluten free omelette made on shared cook space

NIMA tested gluten free Bloody Mary mix

Brunch- Cassis Brasserie

The Spice Kitchen- New Tampa

The C House Seminole Heights- Tampa

Platt Street Burough - Hyde Park

Roy's Tampa


This soup. I still don't have a name for it and I think I literally will call it "this soup" because when I came up with the original recipe and posted just a video of me cooking it I got so many requests for it. Let me tell you about this soup... the original recipe isn't even on my blog yet. I came up with it during a week that my husband was away on business (that is why I make those posts).  I told him I had to make it for him because out of all the noodle soup recipes this one hit the SPOT on flavor (my original one not this one). I know that this can be confusing because this recipe in this post came from that one and it's not posted yet.

So, I made this one which had a few alterations since my husband doesn't want to do meatless meals sometimes. It was better. I think I wolfed down my food which never happens unless I have hot sauce on greens. This recipe took longer than the original; over an hour to be exact and it was worth the wait. This isn't the exact recipe that you all asked for, but I promise you give this one a chance and in September I will be back with Part Four of "What I Eat When My Husband is Away on Business". I will have the veg one (with meat broth- you can sub it out for mushroom broth).

Anyway,  I never would have thought broccolini would be so drool worth in my noodle bowls. I randomly found the most amazing brown rice noodle for Pho which made my heart sing and I am like completely unable to digest brown rice- every time I eat it my stomach swells up and I get sick, but sometimes rice noodle blends are a little more forgiving. This brown rice noodle was a part of a Pho pack that I purchased from Sprouts, I do this all the time. I buy noodles that come in packets for one or two dollars because the texture and thickness is consistent with what noodle bowl I am making and I throw out the seasoning. This was the first time I purchased this brand and its 100% brown rice.

 I had one serving and my stomach was hurting for hours, but I was like this by far is the best gluten free rice noodle I have ever used. EVER. In case you are wondering I plan on eating half a serving of it next Time to cut down on the stomach upset to see if that helps. But the noodle is completely the constancy of what you want in a bowl of Pho- its perfect.

Veggie prep- these are all my veggies going into 2 bowls. I made my husbands bowl bigger that mine and he also is on a keto diet so I spiraled zucchini for him and my brown rice noodles are at the top.

This is how it looks while I am prepping the bowls. The mushrooms were a modification to the first recipe.

Finished bowls- the Seafood was the second modification and trust me it changed the recipe a lot in a good way. I added shrimp and scallops along with mushrooms to this recipe.
Shrimp: however many you want just add them towards the end and do not cook them longer than six minutes.

chicken broth 1 cup
beef broth 1 cup
water 1 cup (most boils out)
Broccolini florets 5 sliced

1 egg: (put the whole egg in with the soup and let it soft boil. Peel it while its still hot! and place it back in the bowl when you are ready to eat).

thin rice noodles (You can use any noodle, however right now I am in love with these noodles that come in a box. It is called Happy Pho and they are Vietnamese brown rice noodles. They have the perfect amount of slip. I bought mine from Sprouts.

sliced white onion (just a few slices not a lot)
sliced garlic 2 cloves
green onions 1 including white part
seseme oil 1 teaspoon place the sesame oil in the pot with all the ingredients and let it boil.

Chilli oil 1 tablespoon: You will pour this directly into your bowl and when your soup is done pour it over the oil. The oil will rise to the top.

Limes: I use half a lime to finish off the soup. When you place the soup in the bowl squeeze the lime over the finished soup.

I do most of my spices to taste by the way so I start with a palm full and go from there.

chilli powder
celery salt
seseme seeds
red pepper flakes
garlic powder

So to finish this up. All of my ingredients go in the pot at once and I let it boil on 5 (electric stove) for 10 minutes. At 6 minutes in I add my egg so it soft boils. After ten minutes I add my noodles. My husband is doing Keto so I spiralize zucchini for him and add it to his bowl unboiled (raw). If you want to spice it up more I do like to add Miss Ann's Roasted Seaweed Chips as well as fresh mint.

These meals were made using the Daily Harvest (Bowls) that were sent to me as a brand ambassador. I added the seafood to make a complete meal. I had the top dish which was chickpeas and greens and my husband who is on a keto diet had the beets (the one below that is bright purple). We both loved each one. He wanted more protein so I added baked chicken thighs to his.

Butter caper tilapia with Okra Stew

Red snapper with yellow rice and California blend veggies

Baked egg patty- ham and cheddar cheese

Vegetarian mushroom soup with wild rice and spinach

Before roasting

after roasting

Asian inspired roasted grouper

After roasting

Baked grouper with corn and kale quinoa

Parmigiano Regggiano frittata for one



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