Mandarin Heights Cocktail Bar Influencer Event- Seminole Heights Tampa: Striped Print Double Button Dress + D'Orsay Pumps


Tonight I was invited to the Influencer Event for Mandarin Heights which is the sister bar to The Mandarin Hide in downtown St. Petersburg. I wasn't sure of what to expect, but I was thinking it was probably similar to Ciro's or CW's Gin Joint which specializes in cocktails. Mandarin Hide's specializes in classic drink recipes and they will be doing the same at the sister bar in the Seminole Heights location. 

When it comes to cocktails I usually am a vodka girl and I like girly drinks. I noticed a lot of Tampa restaurants do way too much in my opinion with their drinks and personally, I get intimidated or they only offer Gin, Whiskey, or Bourbon; all of which I do not drink. Recently, I was at a local spot ( I won't say where) and I simply asked can I get this drink without the egg white and I was told NO and it was the only drink on the menu that did not have gin, whiskey, or bourbon.

 Mandarin Heights wants to be known for creating new cocktails for guests to explore and find ones tailored to their preferences; so this is right up my alley. 


My first drink was actually one that was hand crafted to my preferred taste. My husband just told the bartender "she likes Tito's Vodka and fruit etc" and she came up with this delicious drink which I suspect did have a little egg white froth in it.

Here I am with my second drink: French 75. This contains Hardy Pineau des Charentes Blanc, Blanc de Blanc, and lemon sugar. I watched the bartender make it and a lot of work goes into it! I loved this drink the most!

Striped Print Double Button Dress: Shein
Heels: Just Fab not recent
Earrings: Kendra Scott Danielle
Necklace: Kendra Scott Aiden in gun metal
Bangle: Kendra Scott Andy not recent
Cuff: Kendra Scott Candace in gun metal
Lipstick: Colour Pop Behr Hug

This is a really burgeoning area within the historic Seminole Heights district of Tampa that in a sense of the word is becoming gentrified. I spoke about this only 2 weeks ago when I was at the restaurant next door- maybe you recognize that condo in the background that is being constructed.

 My experience at the Mandarin Heights was really fun. I loved the decor so we can just say that right off the bat I was sold because I am obsessed with flamingo's. My husband and I had a great time relaxing in many of the outdoor and indoor areas that are in the bar as well as hanging out at the bar and watching the bartenders make drinks. My first drink wasn't even one that was on the menu; they made it for me because I don't drink a lot of different spirits.

The opening of Mandarin Heights is this Saturday so if you are in Tampa come check it out. It's a very fun environment and the decor outside and inside is so fetch- I love the flamingos! Don't be shocked if you see me hanging out somewhere in the lounge area sipping in something sweet, that is just my style.

My last drink of the night since I missed last call, this one was also great. I have no idea what the actual alcoholic ingredients are, but I do have them to list. This drink is called the Sofia Loren which was made with Fernet Branca, Ptimento dram, pineapple, lime, mint, and ginger.

hubby's drink of choice Hibiki- always whisky (or gin) 



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