Art Festival in Tampa Heights: Cute Top + Self Belted Grid Palazzo Pants + Heels

Here we are in what was my first favorite area of Tampa when I first moved years ago. Today we are going to the first local art festival at the Armature Works (Heights Public Market) and I am so excited. As an art lover I have been to countless art shows, but never purchased anything because one: I used to not have the funds to just go buy art and two: I wasn't interested in prints or having to frame anything because that just means more money.

I have had this blouse for aq while and out of the blue I just thought to pair it with these pants that I purchased a few weeks ago. This look is a part of my inexpensive Summer styles and next month I will start putting up those videos. To address one thing really quick: I think I put up my last YouTube video about 5 weeks ago. I will be back soon. Up until this point Summer has been pretty hectic for me and going into my office at the moment is more stressful than not.

Self Belted Grid Palazzo Pants: Shein
Top: Daily Look
Heels: Shoedazzle not recent
Earrings: Kendra Scott Elle Lilac Mother of Pearl
Bangle: Kendra Scott Elton in Lilac Mother of Pear
Supak Beaded bracelets: Kendra Scott in Lilac Mother of Pearl
Lipstick: MAC Pervette and gloss Star Nova 


So, I am very happy to announce that this is my very first art purchase! I immediately knew I wanted this painting when I saw it. I have to admit my reasons for wanting it are pretty simple: Its shiny, its pink, it has gold letters and a crown, and it says relax. When I saw it I thought about Yoga and how I spend so much time meditating and being mindful and usually relaxing is so hard for me. I am always having panic attacks and anxiety issues. I can't wait to hang my new painting up and what matters most is that I purchased it from a local artist. You can check out some of Chris Scholl's artwork on his Instagram. I look forward to build my collection of art. I know exactly what I want and I guess it just really comes down to space which makes me excited to think about the future.

Roy's Tampa- can you believe this is my first time having a steak here?

So we usually get the same things at Roy's especially since I am limited to what is gluten free. I am not even huge on eating steaks, but I am severely anemic so at least once a month I eat one. If you are not familiar with this reference red meat has different iron in it than plant based and non red meats. Non heme iron is easily expelled by the body whereas iron from beef is more likely to remain in your body. Ok, so anyway, there were a few hang ups with my meal so I did end up having to test it for gluten. It was cooked perfectly and was so delicious!



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