Spice Kitchen Soft Open in Westchase + Unexpected Snow White Look OOTD

I rarely traverse into West Chase & New Tampa even though it is not far from me. Literally, this area was "goals" for me only 6 or 7 years ago and now it does nothing for me as a person who lives the "city life". Out in South Tampa the Indian restaurants aren't bringing it for me and I have been to at least ten. Indian food was first introduced to me by my husband when found I out I had Celiac disease. So yes, I love Indian food to death. When I lived out in the country there was this spot that made tomato rasam and aloo saag that was my favorite thing to eat with butter chicken and I miss it so much; but it's almost an hour drive each way now. I don't even want butter chicken now I can't have tomato rasam and aloo saag with it.

So, out here in South Tampa, we don't have any rasam and the restaurants that I have been to give stingy amounts of food and still charge the same prices. So I have been waiting for a great Indian restaurant to open and I went to the soft open for Spice Kitchen. I am not sure I will be back, but for a night I enjoyed the food at least. 

 My outfit is kind of fancy because I had planned it for another event and that got cancelled for me, but I still wore it. This reminded me a lot of Snow White with the colors and all. 

Overall, the restaurant was nicer than your average strip mall restaurant. I loved the decor and the staff was really nice. They don't have a legit gluten free menu yet because they just opened. I tried to help them out with a few items that they thought were gluten free, but they were being cooked in a community fryer. I thought the Indian food was great and the spice levels were on point. I want to go back already to be honest. They had my favorite Kadai chicken which I had become accustomed to getting after school when I was at USF and it was exactly how I liked it. If they add rasam to the menu I will be in there every other week. It's a toss up between my favorite place near USF which is about the same distance with no tolls so I don't know if or when I will return.

Daahl Tadka

Chicken kadai 

Gluten Free Bhindi Masala- Okra

Palak with no paneer and basmati rice



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