Thursday, October 10, 2019

#nopassportneeded Visiting Celebration (Orlando): Tangerine 2 Pc Set + Flats For A Foodie Fun Day

Oh the irony that my last vacation was in a faux city completely manufactured by the developer of a housing community and now, in October here I am in Celebration, Florida another faux city manufactured by Disney. In my defense, pretty much everyone would just consider this Orlando the same as if someone in St.Pete, Clearwater, or Dunedin would say "I'm from the Tampa area". Orlando is truly my second home, I have family up here and have spent more time here than any other city outside of Tampa. I know the areas and for the most part, I know where to go to have some fun. You know, the kind fun I like to have which means eating, drinking, and enjoying culture. 

So, Celebration...we took this trip to celebrate our life accomplishments. No one around here is waiting to give us a pat on the back or to say "Im proud of you" so my husband and I take time to just say "I'm so proud of all you accomplished" and then we go party. What is funny is that I never thought about the irony in the fact that we were staying in Celebration. 

So, this was not our first night, the photos are out of order which is what usually happens. I will go more into the city of Celebration in the vacation recap.

Two piece set: The Faithful Brand lulus

Flats: Not recent, just fab

Bag: Louis Vuitton Bumbag

Necklace(Aiden) and cuff (Candace) : Kendra Scott

Hair clips: Zara

Liquid lipstick: C/O Avon Relentless

Oh Snap!
Tito's vodka infused with snap peas

So, unlike my last trip to Palm Coast, Celebration is only 20 minutes away from a million great places to dine (that aren't food chains). If you like food chains then you can find then 5 to 10 minutes away. And my favorite place (Bonnet Creek) is 15 minutes away. So... I love Disney Springs and I was so determined to not get side tracked by that Irish Pub this time. I love fish and chips and only have them once a year, but I had a very small amount of time to have fun this trip because we left late so I had to choose.

I opted to try new places! Orlando has so many awesome places to eat at and I am so happy that before I had Celiacs Disease I ate at some really great places. Now, I have go work a little harder to get a quality gluten free meal.

I have been to Disney Springs more time than I can count and Morimotos was always like a street fare kitchen, never a full blown restaurant. The chef won Iron Chef (I think in the early 2000's) and it came up so many times when I was searching for restaurants and I was sold on going there. So sold, we took a 10:15pm reservation just so we could eat here (and that is why I love Orlando because most places close at 10pm). It was an awesome dinner! They have so many gluten free options. I am planning to go back in 2020 when I can spend more time in Orlando.

Oh snap!
Tito's Vodka infused with snap peas


tuna, salmon, hamachi, chopped lettuce, cucumber, apples, pears,soy onion dressing

Gluten free

duck, chicken, pork, shrimp, vegetables

gluten free

gluten free
Miso Soup w/ silken tofu

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