Exploring Sparkman Wharf Channelside: Graphic T-Shirt + Paper Bag Waist Mini Skirt + Heels x2

Sparkman Warf is Tampa's newest spot to hang out, play, listen to music, and eat. Opening in late November early December 2018 it has been in much of the talk having to do with the re-imagination of the Channelside District of Downtown Tampa. This spot used to be the only hot spot in Tampa when I was a freshman in college and then it kind of got a party reputation and fell off. 

The Sparkman Warf area is located right alongside the Florida Aquarium, the Cruise Ports, as well as the original Channelside food and shops area which is still being renovated. It's not too big, not to overdone, its just right. The only issue I ran into is the fact that there are limited restuarants (five I believe) which limits the amount of gluten free options that are available. The other issue is since it is located near the Charlotte Amalie Arena (In which the Devil Rays play) anytime there is a game- the one to two dollar parking in the designated lot for Sparkman Warf is $20.00 a car as well as the parking garage across the street. I would know because when we went in December that is exactly what happened and they said its like that in every lot in Channelside.

So, beyond that, we went and listened to live music and had a great time. There are photos here and there will be more in the City Life pt. 1 post this week and pt. 2 next week. what I know for sure is the oysters from Boat Run are among some of the best in Tampa, but the fair price makes them even better! And get this, Edisons Swingamajig has a dedicated fryer. Yes, that is correct dedicated and their French fries and fried fish are gluten free!!!!!! I literally lost it when the guy working there told me that and he was like why are you so excited... I literally drive to Orlando once a year for gluten free fish and chips and now it is in my back yard. Thank you for this (now someone make me a gluten free Cuban sandwich and we will be set).

GraphicT-Shirt : Shein

Paper Bag Waist Mini Skirt: Shein

Cardigan: Express, not recent

Heels: Just Fab, not recent

Boat Run Oyster company
drink- Edison Swingamajig

French fries are gluten free!!!

Amendment: 6/15/2019 I visited Edisons Swingamajig and the French fries are no longer cooked in a dedicated fryer. I was previously told that the fish and chips were coated in rice flour and fried gluten free. This is not the case now, they are in a beer batter. Unfortunately, other than the drinks there is nothing here that is safe for a Celiac right now. 



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