Experiencing Oak & Ola Restaurant (Armature Works) Opening Week + Zipper Back Swing Dress x2 + Kitten Heels

Tonight's post is more about this new restaurant in Tampa than the outfit. So I will say off the bat I love this oversized dress and decided to spice it up with a coin belt which is pretty popular right now. I knew I was going to eat a lot and wanted something loose, but fashionable.

This post is about the newly opened Oak & Ola, it's actually only been a week since they opened at the ten thousand sq ft. Armature works in Tampa Heights. Oak & Ola is a mix of American interpretation of Provencal bistro fare curated by executive chef Anne Kearney- a recipient of the James Beard Foundation Award. I hope you all keep scrolling and check out this awesome food selection on the menu...a lot of it is gluten free!

Zipper Back Swing Dress: Shein

Kitten heels: Zara

Coin belt: Not recent

Lipstick: Color Pop 3 Way

 So, the amazing thing about tonight's dinner wasn't just the chic vibe and openness of the building was how amazing this food was. When I was looking at the menu last week I really wondered would there be anything here that I would be able to eat as a Celiac and have fun. I usually don't fold over quickly because I always feel it doesn't hurt to call or go to the restaurant and ask. To my delight a lot of their menu is gluten free with minor adjustments. Everything shown below is gluten free. Oak & Ola has a dedicated gluten free fryer that they use specific oil in. Their fried dishes are coated in rice flour. A lot of their dessert options are gluten free as well. I had the lemon cake which was made with almond flour. Every single thing we ate was amazing and as a Celiac I was blown away at the level of knowledge the chefs, managers, partners, and other staff had on Celiacs. And the partner there actually said they really try to accommodate everyone, and it shows in my experience there.

 We ordered a lot of small plates that actually turned out to be a lot of food for both of us so I forwent getting an entree and had dessert along with a little bit of the hanger steak. The fried oysters and fish  stole the entire show for me because almost no restaurants have dedicated fryers unless the restaurant is new. This has been a great month for dining in Tampa and I am so excited that this restaurant is here making its mark. Armature Works is celebrating its one year anniversary this weekend and it's been a really great year for them as well as for the people who visit everyday- it's the perfect place for a date night or fun with friends and family; and now we Celiacs have another restaurant to visit that makes all the things that we could never get before.

Lemon-almond cake, lemon curd, cherry compote



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