VLOG City Life: What I Eat When My Husband is Away On Business Gluten Free/Flexitarian Part 3

Baked organic  skinless home fries for lunch
Temp 395 for 30 to 35 min on foil with evoo on all fries
salt to taste

peel 1 Yukon gold and let sit in room temp water

cut into fries (whatever shape you prefer)

when your ready to cook place on foil on cast iron and drizzle with a little evoo and make sure the fries are coated.

Another day another business trip right? My hubby and I have very different diets right now and I spend a lot of my time experimenting and having fun in the kitchen when it's just me now.

So, he did the Pescatarian diet for three months and he just missed his steaks and burgers so much he decided to go Keto.  I am glad to cook with no restrictions when I cook for myself  because for a while now, I have been making very dietary specific meals just for him and this Keto stuff is literally. a headache for me. So here is a compilation of some meals (breakfasts, lunch, and dinner) that I have made over the last three months.

These meals make 1-3 servings for me so what you see in 1 photo is usually more than a serving. I am on a gluten free diet because I have Celiac Disease and other autoimmune diseases so I lean towards a veggie heavy diet with about 4 ounces of meat or seafood or I just go meatless completely depending on my mood. (FYI the only meals shown that is exactly one serving is my breakfasts).

The frozen salmon packs from Whole Foods are my absolute favorite meal because they are individually packaged and they thaw really fast by just putting it on the counter. They are sealed so even if you put it in the fridge you don't have to cook it right away. I like my salmon well done so here are the steps that I take:

Pre-heat oven to 400 and place your salmon on your cast iron skin down. I have started using foil on top of my cast iron because its really hard to clean the skin off. Place your salmon in the pan and pour on just a little evoo, I like to keep my salmon simple so I just use salt and pepper. There you have it! And let it cook for 25 minutes and rest for 5.

The asparagus I cook over the oven top. To prep them I grab my vegetable peeler and cut off the the tips at the bottom. This will leave that part soft and edible! This was a trick I learned when I stayed at the Don Cesar. I put them in the pan and drizzle on some evoo and add  1 tablespoon of organic butter, salt, pepper, and garlic powder and cook it on heat setting 5 (electric stove top) for 25 minutes. They will be done when your salmon is done.

This morning I was making a single egg for one with cheese and ham. I love these little cast iron pots because they are perfect to make a proportional meal for one and sometimes I have two eggs and I still get the same results. This is one of my favorite ways to cook eggs now because it doesn't take all the prep as making a frittata, but it will still leave you feeling like you had one.

The egg was placed on top of the ham with evoo. I decided to forgo shredding my cheddar and I left it in chunks on the top. I Baked it at 400 for 10 minutes with cheese squares on top. It popped over while cooking and I am not sure if it was because on the ham on the bottom or the cheese on the top, but it was pretty cool.

Cheddar egg patty with roasted fingerling potatoes

Big salad with tuna fish and red onions


So, I had previously announced at the start of this year that I would be working with Daily Harvest as an ambassador. They have a great selection of gluten free items from Harvest bowls to ice cream and lattes. All of the ingredients are organic, gluten free, and vegetarian. Each item comes in its own recyclable packaging and can be prepared in one step. I am cooking one tonight and showing you all the steps so you can see just how easy it is! 

There is no need to thaw anything, you can take it right out of the freezer and if you have a stove top, microwave, or blender you are good to go. Tonight, I am cooking the red lentil Harvest Bowl and I am going to be cooking it on the stove top with my cast iron. All I did was empty the contents in my cast iron, I added a little evoo, salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste and 2 tablespoons of chicken broth. I cooked it on medium heat for 20 minutes while my veggies were going and voila! I had a fabulous dinner and there was no need to order takeout or look for any new recipes to cook. 

* The contents cook faster (like in 6 minutes) but I prefer to cook on a lower heat and have everything done at once so mine took 20 minutes*

DINNER PREP: Daily Harvest Bowl Red Lentil & Curry

Sautéed  fresh and organic asparagus and bok choy

This bowl had GREAT flavor! This was my first time having this one and the flavors are so strong and delicious! I was shocked when I tasted it and I immediately tasted the cilantro. For me these bowls can make 2 dinners because as you see I go heavy on the veggies. When my husband eats them one container is one serving and its enough for him. One container is only 120 calories!


DINNER PREP:Harvest Bowl Butternut Squash & Chimichurri 

 Often when I am home alone I find it hard to find things to make because most of the time I feel inspired to cook for my husband. I am one of those people that enjoys cooking for others. I have gotten better over the years because it's not like he isn't going to go on business trips and frankly, I have to eat so it may as well taste great. In the past I have tried a lot of different options: home cooked, take out, delivery, frozen dinners etc. What works best for me is simple meals that are exactly the portion size I need so that I do not waste any food and I do prefer home cooked over take out..

 These blog posts are geared to share my simple recipes that I make just for myself, but also to share just how a Flexitarian eats. This is the first time I have incorporated Daily Harvest bowls into these posts and it has been quite enjoyable. I found both of these bowls I tried to be better than anything frozen from the market even if it was frozen fresh and organic. I found the bowls to be more enjoyable even then going to a local restaurant that will let you build a protien and veggie bowl for $14.00. I picked up all of my veggies and proteins before he left and had my Harvest bowls ready to go in the freezer and they took no time to make! This is something you don't want to sleep on!

I have more to share, but I have never used our blender (it's new) so I am going to wait to share the rest of my haul in the end of the month post.

fresh organic asparagus and broccolini
Butternut squash with buckwheat and chimichurri (gluten free)

Anytime I cook these simple Daily Harvest meals I just add my protein and veggies to my own taste. This week I was craving lots of greens so I have asparagus and broccolini that was pan sautéed along with 4 ounces of rib eye prime steak.

Moo Goo Gai Pan with less than 1 once of chicken and basmati quinoa and veggies

Veggie omelette with 1 slice of bacon- I usually have turkey bacon so I had to test this bacon with my NIMA tester to make sure it was gluten free

Broccoli cheddar/gouda stove top Mac and cheese
The first time I made the stove top Mac and cheese I made a Béchamel sauce for the second time ever. This time, I wanted to do the Mac and cheese the way we eat it in my family, but obviously it's not baked because I am cooking it on the stove top. The way I made it the first time with the Béchamel sauce was way more creamy and saucy and I used the same amount of cheese and butter. I must admit, if you want the cheesiest overload ever go with my other recipe that I posted in post 2.

For me, this one hit just the right spot and adding the broccoli was the cherry on top. For me, I couldn't get over the taste of flour when you make the Béchamel sauce, but you know what? I would still bring both to the cookout. And I have been looking into trying it with cornstarch to see if it cuts that flavor.

The pasta salad is quick and easy and for me it made 3 servings.
salad seasoning:
celery salt

black olives
half a green bell pepper diced
1 quarter white onion diced
2 ounces cheddar cheese diced
2 slices of ham diced
half a diced red tomatoes or cherry tomatoes halved
2 cups gluten free spiraled pasta
Italian dressing (I used Olive Gardens)

combine all ingredients and let chill (preferably overnight, but 1 hour is also fine).




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