VLOG City Life: June 2018 Summer is Here! Summer Fitness: Belly Blast Workout, Foodie Adventures, Hauls & Gluten Free Home Cooking

IN THE CITY: I got more cute cat dresses for my babies. I had to get Stella's (she is the tortie) custom made for her size. I can't wait to see what new prints come out. Yue is more mindful to wearing clothes now more than Stella. Still doesn't mind, but she has a big belly so she gets a little annoyed.

I actually went out to visit my parents (in the country) and my dad had just gotten his kittens spayed and neutered. This is Ginger and Snap.

This month's Rocksbox 

champagne and glitter: sparkling champagne, white pear, vetiver, and cedar wood. Very interesting scent, can"t explain it, but can detect notes of pear and champagne. Not strong at all scent wise.

You had me at Merlot: This basically smells like black cherry so if you like this scent you can find it in a lot of different style candles under different names. I actually hate cherries in real life, but I do like black cherries and I found this one to be enjoyable.

Product c/o Eczema Honey
This company Eczema honey reached out to me because they were aware that I have Celiac Disease. A lot of people who have Celiacs also have eczema and herpiformis dermatitis which is a outward manifestation of Celiac Disease on your skin. I am not sure how long I had mine, but it got worse about 2.5 years ago after a restaurant accidentally gave me food that had beer in it- they claimed they thought beer was gluten free. After that my whole body started itching uncontrollably and it has never stopped. I have noticed also that my skin over all just looks terribly dry and cracked. I have bought so many different lotions and nothing works I pretty much just started using Dove and just gave up on the fact that my skin was flaking and ashy. So a representative from Eczema Honey contacts me and I explained I did not think I had eczema, but I told them about the dermatitis and they said their products help with that.

I have been using this jar of balm for 2 weeks now and my skin has improved. I have even put it in my hair directly on my scalp (that is what itches the worst) and it works immediately. I haven't even had to use it that many times in the last week and my skin looks normal. I have not experienced any burning, itching, cracking, or flaking on my legs, feet, and wrists like normal. My scalp still flares up some days, but I can just take a little and apply it to my scalp to relive the itching. I have been living with this for almost three years and I can't believe that it has given me a little bit of rest. Check the product out, I would love to hear what you guys think of it.

It's all natural and organic and there doesn't appear to be any active ingredients in it by the way. You keep it in the fridge when it's not being used.

Good Culture cottage cheese. Its gluten free, low in sugar, and high in protein! c/o Good Culture

Strawberry cottage cheese with apricot jam, mint, and honeycomb

Daily Harvest - Harvest Bowls, Sundae's, and Smoothies c/o Daily Harvest. Everything is gluten free and organic

This is a port wine and it pairs well with Gelato. 


Donut from the Mini Donut Factory Tampa


Roy's Tampa 

Ocean Prime- Tampa - A favorite all over the U.S.

Boca Kitchen Tampa - Local favorite

On Swann - Local favorite

Armani's-  Most Romantic

My first time trying gelato!

*New to South Tampa (All you can eat!)

Roy's Tampa- A local favorite

Charley's Steakhouse

They specialize in gluten free donuts that are prepped in a completely gluten free dedicated space in the back and also use a  dedicated fryer.

This was my happy face, I swear I thought I was smiling (I am not big on sweets).

Elevage Tampa- Best champagne brunch under 100.00 $ after tip. Its about $70.00 for 2 people both times I went to brunch and the champs is unlimited for $15.00.


This whole month I have been working out but man, I am hitting a wall. I have made it abundantly clear that I hate summer with every fiber of my being and my stress level is usually high during the summer months. As a result, my joints are getting stiff and not cooperating with me. Yoga poses are still easy for me, I have not lost my mobility, but my joints and muscles are aching which is making me so irritated. It's also been hard to get some good fitness photos this month due to travel, but I managed to get a few in my favorite summer outfits for this month and May. 

My husband is doing great on his Keto journey, I am not loosing any weight (not really trying) but this month my belly is popping out in the most annoying way so I have been doing "belly blast" which is a series of Pilates and Yoga moves that target the lower abdomen. This is my replacement for running, it takes longer to see the results, but once you do they are about the same.

Adding new items to my workout routine: I  got a 15 lb kettle bell to work out with. My husband brought a 35 lb one home, but I can't lift it without possibly hurting my back. My goal is to get my back and arms back in shape this summer by using the kettle bell. So far I can lift it two times on each arm. Yep, I said two, I have a lot of work to do.

This is my "belly blast" workout

Resting Pose- then start again.

My mom's orchid garden in the country

Salmon with mainated feta and sprouted rice

Oven fried Snapper with chickpeas, garbanzo beans, and lentils

Charleston red rice with Coho salmon and collard greens

meatless/ I used this recipe here and made the following modifications for my taste.

added corn, garlic, cut okra and used 3/4 of a 24oz can of crushed tomatoes. 

Added hot sauce, red pepper, red pepper flakes

no white sugar

cooked in Rachel ray added cooked white rice at very end.

bamboo noods

baby corn
water chestnuts
bamboo strips
mushroom broth
just a splash of beef broth
3 baby bella mushroom caps
shredded cabbage
fresh parsley
chopped celery

sesame oil
sesame seeds
chilli oil
celery salt

Smoked sausage, haricots verts, pan seared potatoes, and sprouted rice

Tilapia with wilted kale (baked), scallops, and rice

red onions
baby bella mushrooms
fingerling potatoes
bell pepper
4 eggs



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