Who Do You Think You Are?: The Charleston Journey Recap & Camera Roll Pt 2

Breakfast at the Palmetto Cafe

One of the best things about our trip is that we got to meet up for dinner with an old friend and we dined at S.N.O.B. I became enamored with these historical row houses (featured in my blog posts) and had it not been for walking to this restaurant to meet our friend we would have never seen them.


Rainbow Row

This was just a really interesting place to visit. Its a long road in which there are historic- most likely million dollar homes that face the water. There is a historic park and a lot of monuments. This area reminded me of Bayshore Blvd in Tampa (but without all the history).

Toast of Charleston

Fried green tomatoes, crab cake, eggs, and a roulade (not GF)

Gluten Free omelette

So, here we are at Middleton Place (Plantation). From what I learned researching this historical place it is the most popular plantation to visit in Charleston, SC. If you have your student ID its only 15.00 to get in otherwise its 30.00. A lot of people come here to visit the gardens, to reflect, to learn (like we were), and to have weddings (no comment on that one). Everything is organized with numbers so you don't get lost and it starts out in the gardens. Personally, I think they should start that out in reverse because I literally was like ok, where are the houses and the plantation house because all we were seeing was flowers. And it wasn't apparent that those gardens were started by those that were enslaved to pass time and it eventually grew to be what is is. We did not get that information to the very end and that was basically where we encountered the Eliza's house.

This is where the rice was picked

Their gardens

The church that was built so the enslaved could practice Christianity and have weddings.

The last master (family) house still standing- the other two were burned down during the Civil War

The stables
From my understanding these animals are descendants of the same animals that were brought from West Africa with the enslaved.

If you look to the left that is where the other two Plantation Masters houses were that were burned down. So, if they were still there it would basically take up this enter photo. Below is the only house that did not get burned down and this is the standard slave house for 2 families. And the last remaining enslaved African Eliza stayed there until she died in 1989.

Blogging can be a lot of things, it can be glamours, it can be sad, it can be real. Sometimes real is what you get and I am not into that fake stuff to be honest. I think a lot of African American History is not taught in schools - we get one month. I had to take time to make this trip and I think I may be the only person in my family that has. I want to know my history and it's surely not all of it. I leave my Ancestry account open and meet new family members all the time and get new documents. I am lucky to have the opportunity to do that because in these hard times its not something that people can spare money for. My goal was to share more because it's important to me. I hope you enjoyed and I will be back with my Savannah, GA recap.


Our last stop in Charleston was Folly Beach. I couldn't believe as many times as we had been here my family never went to the beach. This was my first time rising a beach on the East Coast and it was pretty cool. There were so many shells everywhere and I just became lost in looking for shells and sea glass. Since it had been raining it was pretty cool and windy so no one was swimming.  And just like that we were on our way to Savannah, our next stop on our road trip.



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