VLOG City Life: May 2018 - Spring Showers And May Flowers: Fitness- Hauls- Gluten Free Cooking- Date Nights and More

Well, this month was exciting! It went by so quickly and I never realized how enjoyable May actually is. The summer rain is already here- we have had 4 consecutive weekends of rain which have messed up quite a lot of my plans. Nevertheless, we got out a lot and had a lot of fun. There is always something to do around here meaning the tri-city area or even surrounding areas like Orlando, Sarasota, Bradenton, etc. I am actually kind of sad that Spring is almost over. I am hoping I can finally go to the beach this weekend before it gets too hot to enjoy.

New orchids

Dancing lady fire orchid

I have two cats, but one is very into taking photos so I usually have more of her than the other one. While scrolling through Instagram I came across this cool page where the owner of the cats makes them cute dresses. I love dressing my cats up, but I usually buy dog dresses which are made a little different around the arms. These dresses are made for Sphynx cats, but can be custom made for any cat. I waited with baited breath for the cats first dress to arrive this month and Yue loves it!

Daily Harvest has new items available on their website including smoothies and iced coffees. Hubby and I love sitting outside and enjoying these complex, but easy to prepare meals. They are all gluten free and made from organic frozen fresh ingredients. Use promo code AIRIE to get three free smoothies!

Adore Me doesn't usually have bandeau tops and this month is the first time I have ever seen them! I only got one set so I can see if I like it. So I did wear it and its super comfortable. It's not too tight (I have an xs in both the top and bottom) and it doesn't show through your clothes like a lot of bandeau's do.

This month's Rocksbox
This month's Rocksbox was pretty to me. This Tory Burch necklace looks like a great statement piece, but it is 150.00. I don't really see myself wearing this more than once so I will be sending it back and getting my next box in June. I wore the tiny Kendra Scott necklace for a while in May to see if I liked it and it just never grew on me. I like the earring and I am on the fence about keeping them because I already have the abalone shell earrings in Elle.

IN THE CITY: We spent a lot of time in the city once we got back from our vacation. It's strange that I always say in the city when I live in the city. I guess I am just used to saying that because I lived out in the country my entire life up until 4 years ago. We got to go to some great events such as the Julian B. Lane Waterfront Park grand opening which is so iconic and important for Tampa.

Taco Festival Cinco De Mayo at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

Taco festival at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

Julian B Waterfront Park Grand opening (downtown Tampa) this park is basically juxtaposed to Curtis Hixon.

The Mayor's Mac & Cheese Throwdown

My taste in wine is ever evolving and I tried some great wines this month. Bern's Steakhouse has a really great wine and spirit store over in Hyde Park in the Epicurian Hotel. You can get inexpensive, but good wines as well as Old World wines.


Peach poppy: soft peach, southeastern poppies, fresh mandarin slice: Loved this!!!

Cactus Bloom: cactus flower, lemon, coconut. Smelled AMAZING

Lemon Drop: not strong, not memorable or interesting.


Bartaco Hyde Park- Cinco De Mayo

Bulla Gastrobar- Soho


Beach Bar Restaurant

Food tested with NIMA the portable gluten sensor

Rocky Point- Tampa

Mother's Day- Eddie V's Tampa


Spicy millet noodle soup with shrimp, baby corn, sautéed mushrooms and kale.

Shrimp kabobs with Outback Steakhouse Seasoning

This was a simple and easy meal. I bought the veggies I wanted to have for dinner:
Yukon gold potatoes

Then I got my skewers (I actually prefer the metal ones and will be buying those in the future). Just add everything onto the skewer and season it with whatever type of seasoning you like; I used my Outback Steakhouse poultry seasoning. If you have a cooking brush use it to brush evoo on the skewers and then pop them in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes.

Spicy Seafood Boil- corn on the Cobb, shrimp, Uncle John's sausage, King crab legs with Zateran's spicy crab boil seasoning and Old Bay.

Quinoa and baked orange roughy with capers and a butter sauce

The Pescatarian lunches I had been meal prepping for the last three months. I basically took two photos so you all can see how it looks in the Tupperware and how it looks on the plate. My husband loves Ahi tuna and you can get it for under six dollars at Publix (frozen fresh) or Fresh Market (Fresh, but I am not sure if it was previously frozen). You can prepare it so many different ways depending on your tastes and it literally only needs to be cooked for 2 minutes on each side.

Baked Tilapia with wilted kale (also baked), scallops, and rice

Place your kale on the cast iron and then the tilapia on top of it. Season it with whatever seasonings you like and prepare with oil and butter. Add your scallops and let it bake in the oven for 25 minutes (you can pull the scallops out after 13 minutes). Cook on 400 degrees. Simple and easy! I actually don't remember what kind of rice that is that I cooked to go with it.

Fruitti Di Mare- Shrimp, calamari, and clams in a light tomato sauce
So as you guys know my husband had been on a Pescatarian diet the last three months so I have way more seafood photos than usual. Now, after all that time he is trying the Keto diet because he did not get the results he wanted with the other one. So I am basically making 2 types of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Below is his Keto friendly dinner which is a shrimp scampi and I gave him cauliflower fried rice instead of pasta. My dinner has gluten free pasta. There is going to be a mixture in the food photos over the next three months due to him changing his diet so many times, but I will try to make it clear in the posts.

Keto Friendly Shrimp scampi with cauliflower fried rice instead of pasta

Gluten free shrimp scampi for me

Smoked uncle John's sausage and Arrowhead Mills yellow grits with scrambled eggs and sautéed mushrooms



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