VLOG CITY LIFE: My Glam Tree (Christmas Tree) +Traditional Holiday Table Setting

Happy Saturday loves! I wanted to share my holiday tree and table setting with you all. This year I kind of fell into the theme of garnet, cream, and gold unexpectedly. This year was the first year of the "glam tree" I have wanted this gold tree since I was in college (about 7 years ago) and I couldn't justify spending money on an expensive tree so I had to wait. So last year I got my ornaments and this year I got the glam tree! I am so excited! 

Like last year, I will not be sharing where the tree and ornaments came from because they came from a store that earlier this year I had a huge issue with because I was discriminated against. So, no, I won't be giving them any free advertising on my blog. I did check everywhere and they were the only ones with this style of tree unfortunately. If I find a similar one I will post that.

Anyhow, this tree is actually not gold its champagne and has 500 lights on it. I took a range of photos during the day and at night so you all can see how it looks. The holiday bags I got to carry the theme are from the Container store. Walking in there was like a sensory overload! They have a ton of bags, wrapping, ribbon and everything you could possibly need all set up in sections by color. Since my tree and table setting has gold and white that is what I went with.

HOLIDAY TABLE SETTING: The great thing about doing these table settings is that every year it gets more simplified because I already have a lot of plates, glasses, and things to choose from from the other settings I have done. I have never done a Christmas themed setting with the traditional red and green. To me, that just seemed so easy and simple, but I was feeling particularly festive this year so I just said "why not?"

 Now, my style is glam so I obviously had to put my own vibe to it. Christmas always makes me think gold so I added some gold salad plates to the gold plates I used last year as chargers. These plates are huge and awesome. They are very heavy and they just have a look of elegance that I like. As for the place mats, I really have a thing for embroidered place mats. I wanted the traditional holiday colors, but I did not want anything cliche. I think this placemat was a great way to meet in the middle.

The majority of the items I have here are from my favorite store Crate and Barrel and I was able to get them 20% off earlier in November which worked out great since I did not need everything until after Thanksgiving.

So this is this year's holiday table. I have just as much on the table as I always do, but for some reason it seems less cluttered. Maybe because my center piece is tall as well as the wine goblets. These cute Christmas trees are made of wax and I can wrap them up and re-use them next year even if for home decorations, they also come in white. It's always exciting for me to do these table settings and just admire them daily. I hope you all enjoy!



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