December 2017 Fabletics Collection Review: August Collection Leggings Transformed

Hi loves! This month's review is from the August Collection Leggings Transformed. I was so ready to embrace Fall and these nice fall prints were perfect for that. Some are still available on sale on the Fabletics website.

Darby High-Waisted 7/8 Capri
Marlene Midi Bra

This outfit is probably my favorite out of this month's review. It's sexy, it's comfortable, and the color is flattering. It fits true to size in an XXS. The seamless sets are some of my favorites so I am so glad they continued to make them after the first set came out years ago. The fabric is pretty soft and light weight and I feel like this one was the best out of all four looks.

Lisette High-Waisted 7/8 Capri
Nayara Bra

I love the print of this set a lot because to me it looks purple which is my favorite color. In order to make the sports bra more comfortable I did remove the padding and the strap is adjustable. As far as the bottoms they were really really tight, like shockingly tight. 

I have had this happen before in the past and I have heard that Fabletics may do vanity sizing, but I don't see how that would affect me because I go by measurements. The one thing that makes sense to me is the print, in particular screen prints are usually when the size can vary. These were so tight they made my bad knee hurt, which never hurts these days. The feel of the fabric stretching on my left knee after an hour left it in pain and it was sore even after removing the capris. That for me is not normal.

Overall, I felt this set was cute and practical, but something was off with my bottoms, it could be measurements, the print, maybe it's because I washed them, I am not sure. When I worked out in them again I did not feel any particular pain in my knee, but they were still very tight.

c/o Fabletics

popy black print

Unlike the last set these felt stretched out! Like I said I really feel it has to do with the dyes and the print. These felt really comfortable, almost like someone had broken them in for me. They have been washed (I always wash all my Fabletics gear as soon as I remove it from the package) and Today's workout was the first time I wore them. They are an XXS and very comfortable. The print is almost the same as the midnight lily print. 

I received these for free (due to some defective capris I was sent) back in September so I don't have the full set; I just wore one of my other sports bras with it. The red shirt to match is still for sale in the showroom.

Liv Tank
Brogan Capri

Lastly, we have the set Dorothy which comes with this cute tank (Liv Tank) and the capris with the mesh cut outs. I think this set is fabulous and cute! This set in my opinion is just not that flattering on me lol. I have a love hate relationship with Fabletics capris because I have a long torso and short legs they sometimes fall at an awkward place on my body and at accentuates my stomach and back fat.  That is just a reminder to work out my back more! It fits true to size and I love the maroon paired with the purple. The top and bottoms are both very comfortable.



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