August 2019 Fabletics Review: Seamless Crop & Leggings

So this month's fitness review is Fabletics. I really was impressed with the quality of this seamless set that came out in April's showroom. I actually bought the very first seamless set they came out with over a year ago and own many. The seamless feel has come a long way for us petite women. Usually on me, I am 5'4 and shrinking (I honestly don't think I am 5'4 anymore) the leggings always come all the way up to my breasts. So, pair that with a crop top and I am looking like a hot mess. This set, albeit the leggings do come up quite high I think they are the best fitting ones I have had and it is likely due to the fact that they finally made one in an XS.

The overall design I love, I have always loved Fabletics designs to be honest. They are fun and they are sexy and fashion forward. I have worn lots of different athletic wear and theirs is the most fun to the point that sometimes its not practical for a workout. The color is fire. Alo Yoga had a set come out in February in the same color and I loved it also. I am wearing an x-small which is the smallest they make now. Although they finally are making the seamless in XS they honestly still fit like a small when it comes to the leggings. Prior to this the smallest size in the seamless sets  Fabletics made for their seamless clothes was a small and that is kind of the reason why they fit longer on petites. The color has not faded and they are extremely comfortable and sexy at the same time. This two piece set was affordable also at 59.95. The top is a crop top and I find that the seamless wear can be mixed and matched if it is the same fabric.

 I have workout photos below from last months challenge that I just wrapped up. If you want to follow along with me on the August challenges that I have designated follow me on Instagram at Fashiontolive.

Set: Equilibrium
Sarah Sculptknit L/S Top
Sculptknit High-Waisted Statement Capri

Yoga challenge pics* day 8-10.



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