Ice Cream Sundae Look For Dinner At Sophia's Cucina & Enoteca: Vertical-stripe Blazer + Shorts

I had this look all put together and it reminded me of an ice cream sundae. Unfortunately, I could not find my yellow tank or my yellow heels before dinner to complete the the color palette, but I think you all get the idea. I am a bit disorganized at the moment because I have a lack of space in my condo and honestly, I have lost track of some items in between donating clothes and heels to charity.

Notched Collar Vertical-stripe Blazer: Shein

Shorts: Shein

Pink tank: Zara, in store

Pink Just Fab Pumps, not recent

Bumbag: Louis Vuitton

Necklace: C/O Ettika

Eyeglasses C/O Eyeglassworld

Hair clips: Sohostyle

Lipstick: Avon Lip Tattoo in Inked Rose

Sophia's Cucina & Enoteca

We ventured out to the Edge District tonight for a taste of Italian food at the new restaurant Sophia's Cucina & Enoteca. I was really blown away by the layers of flavor that their foods consisted of and the best example would be the Fra Diavlo Mussles. That sauce was truly too good to not sop up with noodles or a good bread. It was far more elevated than I expected and literally, on its own could be a soup or a whole meal. 

The Cesar salad was enjoyable, it had an added texture; the raw Brussel sprouts which actually just tasted like raw collard greens if you have ever had them.

Gluten Free Clams A Vongole

The thing that stood out the most was the level of service to be honest. They do not have a gluten free menu or denotations on their menu, but to my surprise they have gluten free fetticini Alfred. They were able to make the Alfredo pasta for me to go with my Clams A Vongole and for some reason it did test positive for up to 20 parts per million of gluten. They were adamant that it should have been totally free of gluten and said they would keep remaking it until it tested for under the 20 parts per million.

Now, I am used to to going out to eat and having staff tell me "Yes, this is gluten free and can be made with no issue etc etc etc". NIMA has conducted studies of the uploaded tests from NIMA users and the most likely items to be deemed gluten free and still test positive are pasta and pizza due to cross contamination. I knew I had to tread lightly and honestly, as someone who loves cooking and eating I did not see a clear reason why this pasta dish would contain gluten other than simple cross contamination.

The first bowl of pasta tested positive for up to 20ppm gluten

The second bowl was free of gluten

The Chef and staff stepped up and made the dish again and it did not register for up to 20 parts per million gluten. They told me they take any allergy seriously and I even declined having the pasta remade because the idea of throwing away perfectly good food for someone else makes me cringe, but they were like "No, you came here for a good dinner and a good night and that is what we are going to deliver". That is some great service.

My husband and I had a great time. We love the Edge District to be honest and frequent that area a lot.

Hubs lamb chops



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