Wanderlust: Savannah, Georgia & North Florida Recap & Hyatt Regency Savannah Review

The energy in Savannah was lit. As soon as we arrived I felt like ok, these people are partying here! We stayed at the Hyatt Regency which is downtown right on River Street and I absolutely loved this suite. Since we got in so late (around 5pm) we extended our stay by a day so that we could sight see the correct way. I had a lot that I wanted to see and do and surprisingly River Street wasn't even on my agenda, somehow it never even came up in my research of things to do so we got lucky. This was the view from our room, the other side is the river obviously, but I liked this view better.

Downtown Savannah

I felt like it must be fate because this was the first store we came across within maybe half an hour of stepping foot downtown. A crystal and mineral shop? OMG! I am very big into metaphysics and metaphysical healing with stones and crystals. It's not something that I talk about often because I felt like I would get chastised (mainly by my family). However, in recent time I have come to be more open with it since I meditate and do yoga and that goes along with what I was already doing. I have tons of crystals and stones because I wear Kendra Scott jewelry, but I have been trying to expand my collection with raw rocks and tumbled stones.

This shop had pretty reasonable prices, all of the stones I got were in between three and four dollars. They also give you the name and description for its metaphysical properties so you don't have to look it up.

Vic's on the River

Flying Monk Noodle House
I made it to this point in my trip with out being exposed to more than 20ppm of gluten. It makes me so mad when simple things like this soup gluten me because I basically got sick and did not have to and it wasn't for something that I would really miss like Tonkotsu Ramen or a Cuban Sandwich. I told the waitress that I had Celiacs Disease and to check with the chef- you know the whole spell. Well, the Pho is gluten free, but when it was expodited someone placed crispy fried onions in the bottom of the bowl. So, meaningless to say I did not see those onions until I was almost done. Now, I explained to you guys that I forgot my NIMA tester on this trip which is unlike me- but I was up all night packing. So, had I brought my gluten tester with me then it would have picked up on the gluten in the soup. Luckily, it was a really small amount of onions and they probably were gluten free and then cross contaminated in a community fryer.

Forsyth Park

A rose garden located within Forsyth Park

The tale end of our trip was exploring River Street. I have one thing to say, you can drink outside in an open container here. Need I say more?


River street Sweets

I have basically already slammed this restaurant (River House) in reviews online and in social media and my point was made. All of the food pictured below was below sub standard and the service was awful. Nothing was fresh, service was slow, the waitress insulted me about my body (type) and did not take my gluten concerns seriously. On Open Table they have great reviews, but Trip Advisor is a completely different story. Skip this place.

Riverhouse Restaurant on River Street

Shrimp boil - GF

Shrimp Cobb salad - turned out to not be 100% GF

Salmon salad

This was the morning we were checking out and making one last stop in Georgia. We had lunch at this chic eatery and they had my favorite power breakfast available!

Veggie omelette with grits and fresh fruit.

My favorite power breakfast: salmon, eggs, grits. I loved the tomatoes and green onion on them and I will be stealing that!

Tybee Island, GA

Tybee Island Lighthouse

A beautiful Lilac house- I love purple in any shade.

The last part of our trip...exploring Paynes Prairie Pasture in Macanopy, Florida.

Paynes Prairie Passage Micanopy, FL

Paynes Prairie Pasture is not a place that I a 5th or 6th generation Floridian has ever heard of. We stumbled across it on the way to South Carolina and me being the person I am, became enamored. No, it did not make me want to go camping, but I had to come back and on the drive up it was overcast and raining so this was actually a perfect day. Who knew Florida had this gem sitting up here by Jacksonville all this time. I don't like camping, but I get around Florida and no one I have met other than one person who is a Forrest police officer has ever heard of Paynes Prairie Preserve. I am so glad it is here. Welcome home.


At this point in our trip I was so happy that we made it! I never thought we would even take another road trip because of my illnesses and my husband becoming accustomed to flying due to his job, but we did it. Not only did we do it, I felt like this was the first road trip we did our way. We have been on a lot of road trips in the past because we would go to lectureships every year with our church and we always were being told what to do and where to be constantly. Then we made a trip up to Virginia which was basically almost the middle of nowhere and it was kind of scary. I had my reservations about this trip obviously, but it was extremely therapeutic!



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