Official Last Summer Post: Dinner Date in Hyde Park- Twosie That Finally Fits!

This is my last official Summer post, it got pushed way back due to my events the last two weeks. I bought this twosie over three years ago when I was still cardio only. This was important to me because I used to be afraid to add any strength training to my workout other than Pilates and even at 119 pounds I could not wear this skirt. Here I am years later after having done pilates and yoga regular and yes, I am 130 pounds now because I built muscle and the skirt fits. That feels really great.  I try to explain to my family that my body is more muscular, but smaller then before because of yoga and they don't get it. Frankly it took me a while to get it, but I paid a lot for this cute outfit and I have never been able to wear it and I understand! Happy dance!

Twosie: is not recent, but I got it from Lulus, similar here
Heels: also not recent, but from Shoedazzle
Lipstick: MAC Diva

Gluten free bronzed scallops: maque choux, fresno pepper, verjus

Tonight we went to a favorite restaurant which is Elevage. They have a new menu and I wanted to check it out. This new menu is more of a challenge for me seeing that I don't eat a lot of meat and I am gluten free. I was happy with what we had, however, unless I go back to try the shrimp and grits or the steak for two I may not be back for dinner; I will be back for their champagne brunch though.
Lamb- not sure if it is gluten free it was hubby's: artichokes, zucchini, benne seed, vadouvan

          Gluten free variation- Halibut with poppy seed, sauce Veronique and collard greens

Gluten free- variation- Soupe au pistou : coriander broth field peas, basil

Not gluten free - steak and tomato tartar: cured egg yolk, caper, dill, shallot



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