April 2018: Fabletics Collection- #myfabletics


salar capri c/o in floral spark print

Sally- print iron multi
Sebastian seamless 7/8th capri
brynn seamless sports bra

This month's Fabletics review is for the line simply named #myfabletics from October 2017. I am a fan of the seamless look so I was excited to purchase this set during Black Friday. It is super comfortable and fits true to size.

Cow face pose

This next set was one that I was on the fence about. I don't wear these colors a lot so I was not sure I wanted it. I did buy it and surprisingly the colors looked great and complimented my skin nicely. I love the material that they used to make the leggings and the top. The material is stretchy and lt has a spandex kind of feel to it and it was easy to workout in. The main issue with this set is that opening on the front essentially making this top a crop top with a flap attached  at the bottom. My issue with this is that at my normal size small in this top my breasts were visible at the bottom and squished; basically a major wardrobe malfunction. I had to be extremely careful working out in this top because of that opening and I am not busty by any extreme. Overall, this set was cute and slimming, but the top was a no for me. I loved the leggings and they did fit true to size in a xxs.

Sideways half lotus pose one handed. Parshva ardha padma eka hasta paden-gushta dhamurasana

salar capri c/o in floral spark print

This last set is just the pants, I got these c/o Fabletics at some point during the Fall and paired it with one of my favorite Fall sports bras.



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