Birthday Celebration 2020 Live Music & Small Bites: T-Shirt + Printed Shorts + Jimmy Choo

Happy Sunday loves! I hope you all have been having a fabulous Sunday and happy March 1st! Tonight's post is the day of my birthday... This year my birthday fell on a Thursday and I had to work around hubs work schedule. Our Bonnet Creek trip was my official birthday dinner- but it took place the day after my birthday once he got off work. So... on the day of my birthday I wanted to do something really low key so I wasn't just sitting at home all day.

So, we decided to spend a little time in downtown St. Pete. Now, I am going to be honest with you my birthday was a struggle. It rained the day before, the temperature dropped into the low 50's and I still have Bronchitis. I was running on some low energy, but I have been sick and pretty much inside for over two weeks. So, I was happy to go out. It was kind of last minute decision to be honest.  

So, I chose this cute look for a simple birthday date- live music and a quick bite to eat. These shorts came out in December  and surprisingly quickly went on sale. I paid full price, but they are now 7.99 (link below). Anyhow, these aren't the best photos ever and I thought about re-taking them, but they wouldn't be authentic to that night so I am leaving them. The newer side of Flute & Dram has been open for a little while and its so chic and nice, but its also very low light.

Living for it t-shirt: Red Dress Boutique

Printed shorts: Zara

Anklet: C/O Ettika x Nordstrom

Chains: C/O Ettika x Nordstrom

Hair clips: Sohostyle

Lipstick: MAC Heroine

Flute & Dram- Downtown St. Pete

Smoked trout caviar on the right
White fish caviar on the left

Tropez- Downtown St. Pete
Our second stop of the night was just a few minutes away at Tropez. We had some small bites and were pretty much in and out. We dined here back in August opening week and I wanted to see if it was worth re-visiting. It wasn't anything moving or fancy as an experience goes. I was disappointed  to discover that they no longer have a gluten free fryer.

Gluten free
Spinach Cobb salad

Gluten free
"Butter Chicken"
This is their version or take on the dish. My husband liked it, I did not.

Bunless burger
This was ok, it left a lot to be desired to be honest. The cheese seemed like American cheese and wasn't fully melted and I hate that. The burger was pretty well done for my liking. They knew about the gluten allergy and served it with fries that were cooked in a community frier.



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