Christmas OOTD: Formal Maxi Skirt x2 + Burberry Tee x3 + Burberry Sandals


Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful day and are having a relaxing evening. I finally get to share the photos of my Christmas tree! This is exciting for me because the year we moved to south Tampa someone broke in my (then) house and stole all of my ornaments, my tree skirt, and my tree stand. I am not talking about like one box, it was over ten boxes totaling about a thousand dollars or more. This year I finally went out and got ornaments and a new tree skirt. I was lucky enough to find these awesome glass purple iridescent ornaments which I love!

Heels: Burberry
T-shirt: Burberry
Maxi Skirt: Eva Medes For New York & Co
Necklace: Kendra Scott Rayne in Maroon Illusion
Lipstick: MAC "O"

Gluten Free dinner at my parents house tested with NIMA my gluten sensor.
GF- Homemade prime rib by hubby

GF- My secret mac and cheese

There was no time to make something green tonight because dinner was so late!

Hi loves! I spent a lot of time decorating my Christmas tree. If many of you have been following me for a while you know that Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love decorating my trees. This year was a very important year for me with this tree, unfortunately everything came from one store, a store that now has provided me with terrible and unethical customer service so I will not be divulging their name. As a content creator I will never knowingly promote a store with unethical practices.

My beautiful Christmas tree!!!



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