Amelia Island Vacation Lookbook: Oversized Sweater x2 + Trousers + Block Heels

Greetings from the beautiful Amelia Island. Hubby and I decided to spend our Fall vacation here because I thought it was so beautiful. I did not have too many outfits for this trip because I really wanted to relax and get some sleep, but I filmed a short cookbook that I will be posting to my Youtube channel later this month.

Trousers: Red Dress Boutique
Oversized Sweater: Free People, not recent
Wedge Heels: Just Fab Makemba

Lipstick: Colour Pop Lady

Coast- Ritz Carlton
We mainly dined at the same restaurant while we stayed here. There were a few restaurants, but one was always booked and the other was a Pub. This restaurant was the best in my opinion because they had local sustainably farmed seafood cooked with a southern flair.

Oysters from the state of Maine

Cesar Salad: Fresh Romaine Hearts | Biscuit Croutons | Anchovy Parmesan Buttermilk Caesar. Cherry Plank Atlantic Salmon

Garden greens salad: Artisan Greens | Carrots | Radishes | Tomatoes | Cucumbers

With the temperature rapidly cooling down, who's finding themselves more prone to pressing "snooze" on their alarm clock morning after morning? Same! We can relate, which is why we are thankful for this week's posts focusing on productivity, good habits and of course, good fashion. Take a look! Links à la Mode, November 8th, 2018
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