February 2018 Fabletics Review: Collection Pretty is Powerful

This month's Fabletics review is one of my favorite collection for Fall/Winter because it has soft pinks and moody florals; it came out right at the start of Fall 17'. I can honestly say I loved every piece and every outfit except the fit of one pair of high waisted leggings and the sports bra shown below. I am not a lover of pink, but I don't dislike it. I really enjoyed the soft dusty color that they used for this collection.

Seamless Solid Capri

This month's Fabletics review is from September "Pretty is Powerful" and I have all full sets except this one set here in which I just purchased only the leggings on sale. These are high waisted seamless leggings with perforations on the legs and the color is "washed rosebloom". They are possibly the most comfortable leggings I have ever slipped into by Fabletics. The material is smooth to the touch like velvet. Anytime I buy the seamless capris they always fit like high waisted because I am petite and the smallest size they come in is a small, so you may notice a difference on how they look on me vrs. the models on the website. These particular capris come in xxs/sm.

Bharadvajasana 2

Rock Lock Pose- Mula band-hasana

Emerson L/S Top
Lisette High-Waisted Legging
Dash Seamless Bra II

I loved the look of this outfit including the shirt. I thought it all was executed well and the shirt was comfortable and not hot. I wore it quite a few times over the last few months and it has remained the same in comfort and size. This set is the one that had the leggings I did not like. As I had mentioned last month some of these screen prints just do not stretch and that is sad because its hit or miss. These pants are ridiculously tight and uncomfortable. I worked out in them and ran errands in them and my knee started hurting after about an hour. This is the same print in rose romance (and maybe the same fabric) as the capris shown below and those capris fit true to size. 

I do want to mention this problem with some of the pants sizing being off could 100% be avoided if I went to the store and tried them on. I do the majority of my shopping online for two reasons: I don't like the mall at all and I know for a fact a lot of the stores at the local malls in this county will only stock a few xs/petite sizes because not a lot of people by them. So both times I went in once at the UTC Sarasota Fabletics and then at the International Plaza Fabletics I was told the same thing "We only get one or two xxs in here, but we can order them for you online and give you 20% off". So in general I buy all my clothes online.

Upward Facing Dog Pose- Urdha Mukha Shvanasana

Raja Kapotasana- King Pigeon Pose Prep

Vishmama Eka Pada Urdha Mukha Shvanasana- Uneven One-Legged Upward Facing Dog Pose

Agustina Tank
Nayara Bra
Salar Capri

Lisette High-Waisted Legging
Dash Seamless Bra II

Adela High-Waisted Lounge Tight


I just loved this gold foil print! I wish that they had made more looks with this fabric. It was beautiful and fit perfectly. Like I said I liked everything that I got from this collection and everything fit true to size except the high waisted leggings.

Garbha Pindasana in Sukhasana

Parivritta Baddha Sukhasana

Parivritta Agnistambasana


This last outfit I got for free with my Fabletics points which I redeemed for each individual item to make one full outfit. I once again love the print, the fit, and even the top that came in this set. Make sure if you have points you redeem them because they do have an expiry date, I usually just get underware, ponytale ties, and socks, but on this month they added new items and so I got this set for a little over 1,500 points.

It was comfortable and the capris fit perfectly. As always I wash all of my Fabletics items as soon as I take them out of the bag. To date I have not experienced any stretching, color bleeding, or seams ripping on any of my items. Also, no shrinkage, there so far have only been a few cotton tank tops (aventura tank which they don't sale anymore) which get stretched out in the wash.

I think I have one or two more Fall/Winter sets before I can move on from this color pallete and I am so ready and excited!



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