Clearwater Beach Weekend Aircation: A Sunset Walk On The Beach: Jersey Pocket Tee + Boyfriend Jeans + Pumps

It has always been a dream of mine to stay on Clearwater Beach for a few days. I have always loved it by the beach and growing up I spent a lot of my weekends at Clearwater Beach with my husband and circle of friends once I got my drivers license and had a job to pay for the gas money. I have always wanted to stay out there, but it it is quite pricy and since all of the renovations it is even more expensive on the strip, but we made it out there for a weekend adventure during the Sand Castle Festival and it was dreamy. 

Being able to take a walk on the beach and then walk back into your hotel is great. I have stayed in some places in Northern Florida and you have to walk like a mile and a half from the hotel from the shore and it is tedious. We made it just in time for sunset because we got a late start and the fun ensued.

view from our room- Pier 60

View from our room- Sugar Sand Festival is happening

Premium Sleek Jersey Pocket Tee: Red Dress Boutique

Red Dress Boutique

Heels: Not Shown Chinese Laundry Hotness

Necklace: Aqua Kendra Scott Rayne

Earrings: Aqua Kendra Scott Elle

Cuff: Aqua: Kendra Scott Elton

Shrimp Tinos- Acropolis South Tampa

I waited quite a while to try the newish Acropolis in South Tampa. Back in the day, when I used to live in the burbs there were not a lot of restaurants out there and when Acropolis opened it was like the new hot spot for my friends and I. That was prior to me finding out I had Celiac Disease. So Acropolis is kind of hard for me because I can't have orzo, I can't have a lot of the ingredients they use to make their food. 

When my husband and I went to the newish one I did in fact get directed to maybe two menu items they could guarantee would be safe as well as these sides. It was kind of a lackluster experience- not because of the lack of gluten free options, but because the drinks were not that great, the lentils and rice was old and reheated,  and honestly the shrimp tins wasn't enough food to be dinner. I think maybe back in the day this place really impressed my friends and I, but I guess now that I am older It didn't do it for me- starting with that rice they tried to pass off as being freshly made.



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