May 2019 Yoga Review: Alo Yoga Air Lift Set in Cherry Pop


So, this review is going to be a little different than all of my other reviews. Below in bold was my review I wrote for this set in March.

 I wanted to see if the XXS offered more abdomen control and it does, but in all honesty, in order for the XXS to be as comfortable as the XS on the waistline only I need to loose 3 real pounds (not water weight in my opinion). I am 5'4 and 130 pounds; right now I can fit both the xs and xxs. My "normal" weight is 120-125, but like most women it fluctuates a lot through out the month and when I am sick from gluten or arthritis. I feel like the size difference between the xxs and xs is pretty insignificant to be honest. But nevertheless I would still go with the xs if I were at my higher weight of 130 lbs.

Since March, I have lost 12 pounds because I was extremely sick and due to that my review has changed. After loosing 12 pounds I can say without a doubt this set fits perfectly now. Before it did fit, but I had a pinch of fat and skin that would get pushed out the top of the yoga pants on the side and cause them to roll down when working out. Now, that doesn't happen. Other than that, that is the only difference I see in the xxs at both weights.

I also want to add this fabric is completely different from the Alo Soft fabric. Its tighter, more taught, and almost a little sheer feeling. You would need to get your correct size to have a comfortable workout in this fabric because it doesn't have as much stretch as the Alo Soft. The sports bra does appear to be a simple cotton fabric unlike the yoga pants. And lastly, I love the color Cherry Pop.

High waist air lift legging

Delight Bralet

Looking at the website for the Airlift fabric description and sizes the xxs and xs are the same size 27.5 thus why I saw little difference in the two sizes after weight loss.



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