Clearwater Beach Weekend Aircation Recap: Hilton Hotel + Sugar Sand Festival

Here is my quick recap of my time in Clearwater Beach. Apparently we went at the best time of the year, the Sugar Sand Festival which is the last two weekends in April. There are elaborate sand castles, food vendors, fireworks, music performances, as well as fire breathers. Staying on Clearwater Beach is not cheap and its always the perfect place to stay almost year round because the weather is near perfect so hotel prices rarely fluctuate- meaning there really is no off season.

I grew up here. This is just outside of Tampa. Tampa has no real beaches so if you want to experience the beach you have to go beyond Tampa. Growing up (like high school/college days) Clearwater Beach was the "it spot". It still is, in fact its a lot nicer now because there has been a massive amount of development on the strip. I was glad that there was so much to do and see when we went that the actual beach wasn't that crowded. If you look at the above photo that is the least amount of people I have ever seen on the beach when the sun was up ever.

So, we stayed a the Hilton, right on the beach. The hotel is nice enough. It isn't one of the newer hotels that would have all the fancy bells and whistles that I love, but it was clean and it was beach front. I love beach being right on the beach and you literally can walk from the lobby to the beach here.

The view from the room was the best beach view I have had. The room was meh, but we had a panoramic view of the strip, the beach, and the marina. No matter where you look there is something to look at. The hotel was pretty quiet also.

Ocean Hai- Clearwater

This is a forbidding to Summer. It wasn't even that hot this day, but a lot of times beach shots anywhere in the tri-city area come out with this haze no matter what camera you use. Now, I can imagine some ways to fix this, but none that won't involve spending more money on more camera equipment. But this, is a forbidding of the hot Summer that is now less than a month away! I rarely go outside during the Summer months because the heat is unbearable so I get all my outdoors fun in from late Fall to Spring. Are you guys ready for the heat?



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