New Years OOTN: "Champagne all Day" Graphic Tee + Ripped Jeans

Happy New Year loves! I spent this week doing my first yoga challenge and taking a short break to contemplate what I want to accomplish in 2017. I love blogging so I know that that will continue to be a priority! As of right now with all of these algorithms destroying views and craziness on YouTube it has me wondering if I want to continue my 6-7th year making videos... I am not a quitter so as of right now 2 videos a month is what I am committed to since I have been focusing more on my health the last 6 months.

My main priority is health and so I will be going deeper into (self taught) yoga  and strength training for now. I purchased a lot of cool items that hopefully, will help me to open up my back and strengthen my arms. On a great note, its been almost exactly a year since I wore these jeans and they fit even better! I literally was looking at them for the last week like "really, really?". 

I have not been focusing too much on weight gain/loss since I retain tons of water, but I have been working out almost daily for short amounts of time (the last 2 months) and yes, I still count calories (it doesn't bother me to do it). Once you get used to doing it you can look at something and access how many calories is in it without looking it up.

 I have a video on my original weight loss journey on my main YouTube channel (in the "about me" playlist) if you are interested, but its been about 5-6 years since I lost 72 pounds and since I found out I had Celiacs Disease (which caused the weight gain). I have successfully maintained my weight and the last year I have been focusing more on strength training instead of doing only cardio (like I was doing previously).

Today, we went out to a local favorite place (Hyde Park Village) for live music and tacos (catch me on snapchat user Fashiontolive). You can find my yoga progress as well as gluten free cooking on my Instagram (Fashiontolive) and on my Facebook page (Fashiontolivetv). XOXO

Graphic T-shirt: Express
Jeans: Not recent similar here
Bag: Louis Vuitton Alma
Heels: Not recent
Necklace: Ettika "Lovely Loop Wrap"
Lipstick: MAC Candy Yum Yum

*I am still wearing that same loose waves from about a month ago, but I freshened it up with Taliah Waajid Cocoa Shea Butter leave in and just twisted it over night.

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