January 2017 Fabletics Collection: Pretty Strong Review


Hi loves! This months Fabletics review is on two prints that came out in September. Almost all of these photos were taken in the last 30 days (shocker), but while on vacation, I worked out almost everyday. The two prints featured are probably two of my most unconventional favorites of 2016. As usual, there are some repeats like the salar capris (already reviewed) as well as the aventura tank. In this collection I had a lot of new items that have not been added to previous line so it was an adventurous line for me.

salar capri-nocturnal floral
Eva midi top

So, I have already reviewed the salar capris (almost every outfit has them). I really love the midnight floral print. They fit as they always do and are true to size. I am wearing the Eva midi top which is not a part out the full outfit, but it is a part of this line. The Eva midi top is different and interesting. I purchased this one at the Fabletics VIP party back in October for under 20.00$ I got an XS and it fits true to size. I initially did not buy it to work out in, but I eventually decided to. I am on the fence on the comfort level still. I love the design and I think this top would go great with the Lisette high waisted leggings.

Evelyn- optical floral print
Aventura Tank
salar capri

The Seamless Leg Warmers

The Seamless Gloves

I solely bought this outfit because it had my favorite color in it which is purple. Many of Fabletics outfits are basics like this, a tank and capris for 49.95. I love the print and the fabric is smooth. I also purchased the leg and hand warmers for kicks, they are a little big on me since I am petite and the slide off easily, but I still like them.

Cashel Top
Carrie Short

I was pretty unsure of this set because of the long sleeves since it doesn't really get cold here in Tampa. I did not find it too stifling for running errands. I worked out in it several times while in my condo which has a/c. To me it was a little warm, but passable. I love the thumb holes on the sleeves which I always forget to use. The Carrie short is very much like the Suva run short II, but it has the same fit as the Suva I (which was too short in my opinion). They don't have the lined under ware on the inside unlike the Suva I & II and they are moderately comfy. If you don't want to feel like you are wearing booty shorts just go a size up.

*All of the hats are my own and not by Fabletics.
*All items fit true to size. I am 5'4 and wear an XXS to XS. 



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