May 2015 Fabletics Haul: Body Rock Collection Full Outfits + Gym Bags

Hi loves! So I am back with a review of some Fabletics items. This month I am reviewing the body rock collection also from Winter 2014. Some of these items I purchased recently on sale to make the full outfit and you can still find some of these items in the sale section here. Automatically any outfits that come out that have pink or purple in them I will purchase. I was pretty excited to see this print since it has two of my favorite colors. 

I am powering through the winter collections so that I can get back on track with my video/blog reviews starting with the January line! I will be starting back up next month with the "No Excuses" Collection

Shown a full outfit. I can not remember the name though. Hamilton sweat pants in Cranberry and the white berlin tank. I actually just bought this in March. I think had I had it in December/January this would have been great to work out in because I was working out a lot outside. Right now, this outfit is great for lounging around my condo in. I have the Hamilton sweats II and they are a much thinner material wheras these are thick and will keep you warm. These sweats fall right at the knees and are super comfy. When I get pics working out in them I will update this post!

This outfit shown is Shore. It consists of the Leon tank which is one of my favorites as well as the carmo skirt (which I now own three of). This outfit is great for playing tennis first and foremost. The skirt comes with shorts underneath.  I have pretty much ran, walked, done pilates, you name it in this outfit. It is very comfortable and cute!

Shore: Leon Tank & Carmo Skirt. I got the seven sports bra shown with a different outfit and paired it with this.

During the winter this sweater was a staple for me. Its not too thick and not too thin. Even now on rainy days where the temperature drops outside and in my condo I grab this and throw it on. I have a few sweaters from Fabletics and this one is my favorite. To complete the outfit I just wear my salar capris with the sweater. Thats the great thing about buying black capris is that you can wear them with any of the outfits!

The bag shown (Everyday tote) is very functional. When I got it I was not sure I needed another Fabletics bag, but this one is different from the true gym bag. You can use it to carry your clothes and items to the gym, but I have actually used it to walk to the grocery store and carry my groceries, as well as an overnight bag. It also came with a little back pack with drawstrings on the inside which has proven itself to be invaluable.

THE EVERYDAY TOTE c/o fabletics

Lastly, we have the true gym bag and my Suki bike shorts, and Oula tank. I am not sure if this is a full (official) outfit because I got all the items separately; all of these items are my absolute favorite, so it only made since to pair them. The Suki run shorts are not being made in the newer prints and I am hoping they bring them back. They are made from a max compression material that makes your legs look great! I also love the length. A lot of the Fabletics shorts can be pretty short and these fall right at the mid thigh range and are very comfortable.

Suki Run Shorts & True Gym Bag c/o Fabletics



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