Ladies Who Lunch: Solo Girls Day: HOLIDAY Shopping & Lunch... Fall Slip Dress + Kimono + Strappy Heels

Today's "Ladies Who Lunch" post was such a fun one for me. I ventured out to try a new restaurant that I have been wanting to try all year long, but could never convince my husband to go with me. What's funny is now since I went there, we have gone back four times together because it is so close to us and we love it there. I think I have a great eye for interesting places honestly, but he does take some convincing. 

Today's look is pretty much a staple for me, I got a lot of compliments on the Kimono and it was the least expensive part of my look (less than $9.00). The heels, I literally found when I started the second half of the trip and purchased them and put them on. "Ladies Who Lunch" is all about "self love" and doing whatever you want so yes, the food below was all mine! I had food for the entire week which was perfectly fine with me! 

During the Fall and Winter its relatively overcast here, I love moody hues and this color palette worked perfectly with the Fall vibe. Tell me, have any of you ladies lunched yet?

Leaf Print Open Front Midi Kimono: Shein

Zara: Slip dress

Hoop Earrings: C/O Ettika x Nordstrom

Strappy heels: Zara

Bumbag: Louis Vuitton shoulder strap here.

Lipstick: Urban Decay in Tempest

I rarely go to the mall, but I guess I was in rare form this day and wondered into Old Navy looking to spend some money. I was lucky to find some cute items at great prices. Items that you all will be seeing on my blog in the upcoming weeks.

BT Bistro

So, my important stop was to BT Bistro in South Tampa. Chef BT not only has a Michelin Star, but has three restaurants in Tampa. This one is really close to me and I always am in the mood for pho.
He recipes are French Vietnamese and are made with organic, fresh ingredients. The pho served there is about 16.00 which for most people is on the pricey Side considering pho is usually in between 10 and $12.00. You can tell and taste the difference starting with the fact that the beef noodle pho is made with beef tenderloin and not eye of round.

Shrimp Spring Rolls

Next, I had the organic chicken pho. Are you wondering which one did I like the most? Definitely the beef, but both were great ins my opinion.



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