A Night With Hypnohype (Hosted Event): Charcoal Henley Dress + Sophia Webster

Tonight I was invited out to St. Pete's Mahaffey Thearter to experience the show Hypnohype with Asad Mecci and Colin Mochrie which is currently on tour and St.Pete was their second stop. I had no idea what it was except that people would be hypnotized. It turned out to be much more than that, it was actually a show where audience members are hypnotized and then put into improv comedic situations with a well know comedian Colin Mochrie from "Who's Line Is It Anyway"

My husband absolutely loves that show and for as long as we have been together (19 years) he has never been able to get me to watch a full episode. I must say the entire show was great and the whole concept is genius. I have never experienced hypnosis or even seen it and I was so skeptical and looking at everything critically. I really don't have photos of the show because cameras were not allowed, but it was awesome. 

Just Getting Started Charcoal Dress: RDB

Coin Necklace: C/O Ettika x Nordstrom

Coin chain: C/O Ettika x Nordsotrom

Heels; not recent, similar here

Sunglasses: C/O Eyeglassworld

Lipstick: C/O Avon Matte lipstick Determined

                                                           Tryst Gastro Bar                                                         Wagyu Sirloin Kebabs

We stopped in at Tryst Gastro Bar for a quick dinner before the show. Dinner honestly left a lot to be desired. It was only 7pm and they had already run out of chicken and that was the one gluten free entree on the menu unfortunately so I just ended up having a salad. The salad was so not the business and they had the nerve to charge 12$ for it. My salad basically cost as much as each of the two meat dishes my husband ordered and my salad didn't even contain a full slice of bacon...

Everything below was my husbands food which contains gluten. I did not even order aq drink because a lot of them contained flavored vodka (which is more likely to not be gluten free) or was made with stuff I don't drink (whiskey, Gin, Boubon etc).



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