Destination St. Augustine: Malia Emerald Green Multi Striped Midi Dress + Fringe Heels

So, the best thing about this trip is that scenic drive up the A1A. We learned our lesson and stopped messing around with those restaurants at the lodge we are at. They don't want to deal with young people and they don't want to deal with anyone with a food allergy. I wish that we had figured this out on day and just made that 40 minute drive because I have now found not one, but two amazing restaurants that have saved our trip! 

And this dress is fire, I was so mad that it was raining and the sun set around 6pm today because I could have used that sunlight to capture how stunning this dress is. This dress is as flowy and dreamy as it looks by the way. It's sleek and sexy and highlights the delicate accents of the feminine body so well. The colors are so moody I wandered if I should save it for Autumn, but Summer is about to end so I thought why not wear it now?

I will be posting some video of our drive up the A1A. It literally looks like another country there. It will be on my Instagram stories today or Wednesday depending on how traffic is. All of vacation posts are currently out of order due to editing, but when I am done I will put the posts in chronological order.

Malia Emerald Green Multi Striped Midi Dress: Lulus

Heels: Sam Eddleman Aisha not, recent

Bamboo Bag: Red Dress Boutique

Double disc Necklace: c/o Ettika

Assorted bangles: Kendra Scott

Jeweled hair clips: Soho Style

Micheals of St. Augustine
everything below is gluten free
Sautéed mushrooms

I am so glad I got my butt in gear and headed out to find a great place to eat dinner. This restaurant reminded me so much of one that I have been in, in Charleston. I guess the design asthetic and local simplistic menu is a style or trend now. It's definitely our style, there is nothing better than fresh local food prepared well and with love. This meal was fantastic in my opinion. 

I was so mad at myself for not insisting on riding into the city the second night of vacation because we squandered it eating at that same basic place. Anyhow, I did want to return to St. Augustine because our style has changed so much since our last visit in 2016 food wise.

Gluten free sautéed shrimp and chorizo

14 oz. Ribeye

Gluten free Ora King Salmon with lentils

Gluten free creamed spinach



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