Sparkman Wharf Date Night: Shoulder Striped Pom Pom Detail Dress + Heeled Sandals (Gluten Free Updates For This Location)

Off Shoulder Striped Pom Pom Detail Dress: Shein

Pouch: Louis Vuitton

Sandals: Just Fab

Earrings: c/o Ettika x Nordstom

Assorted jewelry: Kendra Scott

Boat Run Oyster Co

Boat Run basically has limited gluten free options; The chowder contains gluten and the fries are cooked in a community fryer. The oysters however, are gluten free and amazing! I did test the nori and salmon roe on these to make sure it was safe since not all nori and salmon roe are gluten free.

Flock and Stock Chicken and Burgers can only offer gluten free grilled chicken. The potato rolls they serve their protein on is not gluten free and neither are the waffle fries.

Hubs grilled chicken sandwich and fries

BT In A Box
There are limited places that are gluten friendly at Sparkman Wharf unfortunately. After checking several restaurants, I decided to try BT in a Box and they had 2 options: The shrimp spring roll and the chicken curry. The chicken curry is not shown, but it was pretty good. The only downside is that it is low on protein and about a pound of rice noodles.

Edisons Swingamajig

So, I have to clarify my post from February. At the time I was there they were using a dedicated fryer for their French fries and they aren't anymore. I was also told that their fish was coated in rice flour and cooked in the same dedicated fryer. I was told this time that the fish is in a beer batter. The only thing gluten friendly at Swingamajig is the drinks unfortunately according to what I have been told by employees.

There are a few places I haven't tried yet at Sparkman being the ice cream place (my husband said the gelato was great) and there is a taco place. I am not much of a taco lover since I had to go GF years ago and stop eating wheat tortillas so it is quite possible I may never try that place out.

Sparkman Wharf is just not very gluten friendly overall, but if you want cheap drinks, great oysters, live music, and a view I still recommend it to my Celiac friends.



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