VLOG City Life: May 2019 pt.2 Crab Boil Cook Off- A Visit to The Crafty Crab- Hauls- Yoga & Fitness and City Dates

Welcome to the City Life pt. 2 VLOG post. This month was so incredibly fun and busy I had to do a part 1 & part 2. The Spring and Fall months are my favorite and I usually am way more active.

jewelry c/o Ettika
Ettika X Nordstrom 

This momth I tried out some new CBD products. The first one is a beauty spray which contains essential oils, CBD oil, and water. It is a higher potency and I have used it everyday since I purchased it. It was on the pricer side of 70.00, but you don't have to use much (5 sprays) and its effective. I have a huge problem with my medication making me nauseated and this has really helped with that. I plan to travel with it next month.

I usually use tinctures and find them to be pretty effective and fast acting. This one is also a higher potency and its about the same amount of CBD in it per use as the beauty spray. The thing I hate about this is that because its a higher potentcy they added a lot of sugar and its not easy to handle unless you mix it in a drink.

FITNESS: Well you guys know May was a great month for fitness. I hope to start another fitness challenge in June. It really motivates me to get up and get moving!

In The City: Towards the end of the month we had some family get togethers so there food photos are not in any of the regular blog posts.

Family dinner at the Crafty Crab
I really wasn't looking forward to visiting the Crafty Crab. Everyone in my family does crab boils and nothing is better than home cooked. I have never had a crab boil that I paid for that was better than mine or my families. Since it was mothers day I sucked it up and went not knowing if anything would be gluten free. In this case the question of gluten would be the seasonings, possibly the butter, and the sausage that is used.
The Crafty Crab steams all of the items in bags which cuts down on cross contamination. The waitress was really helpful bringing me samples to test with my NIMA tester for the seasoning and butter because she wasn't sure if it contained gluten. The original seasoning and butter were gluten free and I tested them two times- once in the sample and then again when my food came out.

Overall, the quality of the snow crab was good. I only took issue with the corn which was mushy and appeared to have been previously frozen. The meal contained entirely too much butter and too much seasoning that consisted of a lot of sugar and salt. I don't make or eat my seafood boils like that so it was a huge turn off.

Below are other items that my family ordered and some is obviously not GF and I did not test any of the additional seasonings for the boils.

Seagrapes wine & Food festival

Farmtable Cucina


Roast beef and ham pressed panini with Swiss cheese on a spinach GF wrap

Baked Turbot with capers in a butter sauce 

This month I was really into making these home made flat bread pizzas on my gluten free wraps. There really isn't a recipe its pretty straight forward. Just add a like olive oil to the wrap and then add your toppings and seasonings and cook on 400 for 10 minutes. Its a great late night snack!

Memorial Day Crab Boil with the family

After the Craft Crab dinner my dad wanted to have a crab boil cook off to see if mine or his was better on Memorial Day. Honestly, mine is better (😂) but some of his ingredients contained gluten and he had to omit them and honestly at that point its no longer his recipe. So that sucked for him. As for me- my mom sabataged me and had me make mine less spicy and that ultimately impacted my recipe too so we agreed to call it a draw, but we know who won. I am just saying! Plus my mom put sweet potatoes in hers and that is just nasty!

My crab boil is on the left and my dads is on the right. Below you will see my husbands keto friendly bowl with my boil and my bowl below with the carb-y goodness!



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