Tapas Tuesday with Hubby: Henley Dress x2 + Poof Accessory + Heels


Hi loves! Tonight hubby and I went out for tapas Tuesday at a local spot we love only to find out they changed their menu and 99% is gluten free. We got to try all new recipes and have a little fun. I did break down and order this henley dress in the stripes last month during the after Christmas sale. I have to admit that I do like it.  I am still sporting the same hair style from last month ( the tutorial is on my YouTube channel). It's coming up on 4 weeks old in 3 days. I refreshed it with a little leave in conditioner from Lotta Body and used their edge control to slick the front up.

Henley Dress: Just Fab
Desert Ranch Bolo Necklace: Ettika
Poof accessory: Just Fab
Heels: Just Fab
Bag: Louis Vuitton Alma
Lipstick: Urban Decay

+Ettika #ettikareviewteam #ettika

Not GF- Goat Cheese and Naan

GF- Braised oxtails with yellow rice

GF- Seafood Ceviche with banana chips

GF- Chicken

GF- Stuffed peppers ( chorizo, beef, and sausage).

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