VLOG CITY LIFE: July 2017 Bat House Project, Gluten Free Cooking and More!

This months project was something very very different! I was inspired by bats back in April and how they help the environment and basically don't harm anyone; yet they are stigmatized and considered to be horrible creatures. I decided I wanted to do something to help bats so, I asked my dad if we could build a bat house and place it on his land. After I explained why bats are great he agreed.

This bat house was pre-made and cost about 45.00 from Lowes; it can hold up to 40 bats. There is no guarantee that the bats will be attracted to it so we will have to wait and see. In general you want to store your bat house in a warm sunny place that is high up in a tree.

Date night camera rolls: So far summer has been good and I am so happy its finally August so we can move right into fall. I didn't realize it, but this summer I have been to quite a few new restaurants and tried their gluten free menus.

Lighter version of hot wings (baked) recipe from Skinny Taste

Italian baked wings with cauliflower rice

Steamed snow crab

Slow cooker pork shoulder

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