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August City Life: Summer is Coming to an END! Finally!

Life in the city: Well, we are coming to an end of my third summer in the city. You would think that I would be at the beach all day everyday because its like a 15 minute drive, but I really don't like being outside in the heat during the summer. This month was great because on August 1st I knew I had one month to go before its September (my favorite month), so I was super happy and the month flew by, unlike June & July! 

Fitness &  Health: I had been sick almost all summer and this month is the best that I have felt all summer. I finally could get back into pilates, yoga, and basic workouts that I do as well as gardening and going to the park. I have been practicing quite a few new pilates/yoga moves and I am hoping I can get my hubby into it so we can work out together! I have gained 5 pounds since the summer started and I was pretty much in the bed sick everyday so I will be focusing on that as well as getting more cardio now that I have my gym key again. I remember my first workout after I had the whole bout with bronchitis and I swore my husband was going to have to drive me to the hospital because I couldn't breath for an entire hour and every muscle in my body ached. I have come a long way since the end of June while going slowly.

Future: I have also spent a significant amount of time planning this years family cruise that will be coming up soon. I am finally wrapping up all of the final details and I am getting excited!

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After spending the entire summer reviewing and using the Garnier Fructis Whole Blends line I am wrapping up my last review this week and I have returned to my favorites Coco Conscious Collective which are organic, natural, and to my knowledge gluten free.

This months impromptu project: I have had my condo garden since March of this year after struggling to keep things alive. I have successfully kept all of my plants alive during the hottest time of the year so I am treating myself to 7 new plants. I had such a great time doing yoga on the balcony with the plants this week I wanted to go a step further and create a "yoga oasis" that should be great for fall and winter.

I picked up quite a few interesting plants and re-organized the area. Despite all of my diligence, I still managed to buy this plant- Marble Queen- which is toxic to cats, so I have to return it. I may be able to find a way to keep it if I can move it to this higher table. 

I bought some really pretty purple plants that I am sure I will love when they get bigger. 

I am trying the Orchid one more time, I have never successfully kept one alive.

Home: This month I have also done quite a bit of organizing (I do this every month because I am a neat freak). I got this cute little Toto box from the LUX App. You can put anything in it, but I decided to use it to store the items I use most while I am in bed. I am notorious for having my cell phone, my kindle, my remote, my glasses, and other things in the bed which drives my husband crazy!

Yue's grandmother made her a cute little cat bed from crocheted yarn and she loves it!

I found a new park this month, but I haven't been able to go back because its been raining, but if I can get there before the 31st I will update this post.

ALL GLUTEN FREE FOODS COOKED BY ME (recipes are available upon request).

Spicy Thai styled chicken broth soup

Slow cooker whole chicken

Mediterranean Frittata

slow cooker chicken with spinach and rice

Pan seared Tilapia w a light mustard sauce and kale

Seasoned pan seared Tilapia

Slow cooker meat balls

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