April 2015 Fabletics Review: Fractal Print Collection Fuse+Power+Live

This month's review and haul is on the Fractal print from last winter's December collection. You can still find a lot of these items on the Fabletics website now on sale here. Most of these items I picked up while on sale 40% off and made a complete outfit . 

 This was my first time ordering the Berlin tank. Its pretty much like the Oula tank, but with the mesh on the sides. Even though these tanks are similar the Oula tank still remains my favorite. The first two outfits I don't have the full names for since I just put the outfits together maybe in March.

Berlin tank, suva run shorts, and socks.
 The suva run shorts are pretty cute. I do feel they are a bit short, but I guess that makes sense if you are going to go running in them. They have some kind of built in lining that most likely wicks sweat. I do wish this lining was removable because its like wearing two pairs of underware under shorts.

The Berlin tank is soft and you can pair it with quite a few outfits so its functional.

Hawthorne tank and Lima capris.

The lima capris run a little smaller than my favorites, the salar capris. They still fit true to size, but they are just a tad tighter in the waistline. The Hawthorne tank (c/o Fabletics) is probably one of my least favorite pieces. Its quite tight and the straps can not be adjusted. It pretty much makes me look like I am wearing a bustier or maybe like a super padded bra. I tried wearing this without the padding and with just an unlined sports bra, but it just shows way too much breast for the gym in my opinion. Its a cute top though and its easy to transition it to a day outfit.

Fuse-Leon Tank + salar legging+ head band
The leon tank is one of my favorites. I have three favorite tanks from Fabletics: The Oula, the Leon, and Aventura. This is a simple ensemble that doesn't come with a sports bra. I paired it with a black seven sports bra and it was non-restrictive and comfortable for working out.

Power- Astoria shrug + Salar capris + Oula tank

This last outfit can be great for any low impact indoors workout. As you can see in the picture below I worked out at my parents house wearing it. Since the Fractal print came out winter 2014 it was already cool out and I had no reason to remove it. I reviewed the Astoria shrug last month also. My opinion really has not changed on it. Even though I am not a fan of the material, I actually use this black shrug every day.



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