Winter Styles: Camel Hoodie + Camel Cable Knit Skirt + Jimmy Choo



Coming On Up Camel Hoodie + She Cute Camel Cable Knit Skirt: Red Dress Boutique top here/ skirt here

Heels: Jimmy Choo Love 85 collection

Earrings: Rocksbox

Bracelets: C/O Ettika

Lipstick: MAC So Chaud

Kelp Sushi Joint South Tampa

SASHIMI DINNER (Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail, Octopus, Shrimp, Scallop, Spicy Tuna, Surimi, and Blue Crab)

So, this is a new-ish restaurant in South Tampa that I have been wanting to try. They gave us a lot of food (more than what was listed for the sashimi platter). Unfortunately, it does appear it made hubs and I sick. I know that krab stick (or surimi) is not gluten free so it could have been that for me (cross contamination). But just overall, there were no options to list dietary restrictions for the order online...different things came in the platter so not even identifiable and the seaweed salad may have been questionable.

I thought the restaurant was cute, nice enough, sushi good enough. A lot of their rolls have fried items and cooked meats and fish as well as the imitation krab. So, a lot of people like this place, but it wasn't for us. The overall grade of the fish wasn't where it needed to be for us in freshness and thats hard right now during the pandemic and doing takeout.


Seaweed salad

 BEEF DONBURRI: Fried egg, beef,sushi rice, scallions and onions

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