Bon Bini (Welcome) to Aruba! Flamingo Jungle Swimsuit At Eagle Beach

Its no secret that I love the beach, but its a thing that I have to try to see the worlds most beautiful beaches and kind of compare them in my mind. We were told that Eagle beach was the most beautiful beach in Aruba. Although that was our drivers opinion, it does hold up to the same admiration on online travel sites such as Tripadvisor as being the best. I started out here on this side of the beach which looks like sand, but its actually coral that has been covered by lava rock that came from the ocean millions of years ago. Its got a beautiful gradient  of colors, but not so great for your feet. This beach is 20 miles long and has beautiful turquoise water, today it was raining and it still glistened.

The next thing that made this beach so beautiful is the Fofoti tree. This is a tree that basically has bended and curved with the ocean waves and wind over time. They are all over Aruba, but this one just really stands out because its smack dab in the middle of the beach.

So, I am sure some of you may be wondering why did we not visit Flamingo Island? Well, when I began planning this trip almost a year and a half ago my main goal was to fly to Aruba to see the flamingos at the Renaissance Hotel's private island "Flamingo Island". After doing a lot of research I found out that these flamingos are not indigenous  to Aruba (our driver also confirmed this) and that they are basically being held captive on this island. All for the sake of selfies.

The island is for hotel residents, so if you want to buy a ticket you basically have to do it online the day of in the morning. Since the tickets mainly go to those staying in the hotel they sale out fast. Next, the flamingos are only on the adult side of the island and there are 5 adult flamingos. This was not the fantasy I imagined and as and animal lover I recoil at the thought of clipping birds wings only to have hundreds of people clamor around them to get the perfect Instagram selfie. So instead, we went to the real home of the flamingos and you will see that post coming up soon!

Flamingo Jungle Print Ruffle Swimsuit Shein

Swimsuit cover up: Lulus

Hair clips: C/O Ettika

Lucite earrings: C/O Ettika

Pearl & Coin necklace: C/O Ettika

Anklets "Let's Go Coastal": C/O Ettika


Gluten free
watermelon salad

Gluten free

Gluten free Snapper


Gluten free
Deconstructed Apple Pie



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