Stay Miami Beach: Self Belted Coat and Pants Set With Cami + Beachy Sea Shell Jewelry

This was one of my favorite looks from the Miami trip! I love simplistic yet sexy outfits because they show just enough and you can get dressed really quickly. The jewelry is actually the highlight of the look because its to live for! I love the seashell trend that is going on right now. I purchased this necklace back in April and kept forgetting to wear it and photograph it. Luckily, in the time between April and now I was able to buy the matching charm bracelet and get the earrings.

Self Belted Coat and Pants Set With Cami: Shein
*About the fit, this set comes in S,M,L and I ordered a Small. It wasn't evident until I wore it this night that Shein accidentally sent me a Medium; which is why it is too long on the pants.

Necklace: Ettika

Earrings: C/O Ettika

Bracelet: Ettika

Heels: Just Fab, not recent

Pouch: Louis Vuitton 

Fontaine Bleau Miami Beach

I was very excited to visit Hakkasan Miami during this trip after viewing their website and seeing that the restaurant is rated in the top 50 restaurants in the world! When I was a child I had Cantonese food every other week from this little place in Mango and their fried rice was amazing. Its nothing like Chinese fried rice. I was so excited to be able to relive that joy because Hakkasan was prepared to make gluten free fried rice.
Gluten free mushroom soup

Gluten free Cantonese fried rice-Yeung Chow fried rice 

Gluten Free- mushroom stir fry
The stir fry mushrooms were phenomenal! But beware, they are 38.00 which is something I completely overlooked and they are served a la cart. Even sharing with my husband we could finish them and you cant store them in the fridge in the hotel room sadly; we had to throw about 30% away which irked my soul truly.

Not gluten free Sechuan Chicken
Not GF- Crispy duck salad



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