13th Anniversary Date Night: All Gold Everything

I have been so excited to celebrate my wedding anniversary this month; it has been the only thing I have even thought about! I have been waiting to wear this fabulous dress o m g. I bought it months ago in anticipation for the date. I thought it was perfect because it kind of gives homage to my wedding day wearing all white and today I am wearing a sassy dress in cream that I chose. I actually wanted to wear cream on my wedding day, but my mom was not having that!

This is in fact one of the few times we have celebrated our anniversary at home since graduating college. We usually go to Orlando or Sarasota, or Puerto Rico where we honeymooned, or like last year Cuba. I always kind of lament that our anniversary is dead in the middle of Summer because its so hot, but this Summer in Tampa has been a forgiving 75 to 80 degrees almost everyday because of the rain. Everything was preciously perfect on this date July 29th.

Our anniversary trip will have to wait for another date because hubs has some work commitments this week that couldn't be broken. I am excited though to plan the next Aircation with him and explore. This is what I was mentioning in last months City Life post. I was planning like this big fancy trip to another country, but he wants to keep it casual and I like the sound of that right now.

Dress: Zara

Candace cuff in gold: Kendra Scott 

Holy Coin Necklace: C/O Ettika

Hair clips: Sohostyle

Heels: Jimmy Choo Romy in Champagne (sold out similar here)

Lipstick: Avon

Strawberry Shortcake for hubs (it isn't gluten free)

For dinner we decided to make two stops within close proximity of each other. We have been wanting to try legit caviar for a while and attempted to on a pre-anniversary dinner a few weeks ago, but the vibe was all wrong and the whole night was kind of crazy. I decided to try this place Flute & Dram because its their specialty. The have small bites, caviar, champagne and spirits (especially Whiskey), and Davidoff Cigars (all the things we like). They also have live jazz music.

Flute & Dram
Gluten free American Sturgeon Caviar
(those crackers are not GF & I am not sure why they gave them to us because we requested GF crackers and chips).

Gluten free Smoked Trout Caviar

I was sure to google the brand of Caviar because not all Caviar is gluten free depending on where it has been packaged. Some companies also add in wheat gluten as a filler to make the Caviar thicker and creamier. Overall, this was a really great experience. We both liked the Caviar and upon retrospect, we have had Caviar before at a bottomless brunch I had just forgotten.  We eat Roe all the time and to me this wasn't really any different. They did pair well with the Terra Blue chips and the GF crackers they provided. They also provide a lot of accompaniments which my husband liked. Surprisingly, I liked it simple with just a bit of micro greens. P.S. There will be more photos on my City Life post for this month.

Accompaniments for Caviar pairing: Egg whites
egg yolk
red onions

Smoked trout caviar

American sturgeon caviar

Ruth's Chris St. Pete
Our second stop was for dinner which was exactly what I wanted. Monday isn't a busy day in the service industry and we had the place all to ourselves.

Seafood tower

Prime steak

Roasted cauliflower



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