Taco Lunch & A Visit Out To The Country: Crop Top + Paper Bag Waist Pants + Heels

When I tell you I was so over Winter words can't describe it.  It was literally this day that I woke up and I  said to myself "Winter is almost over." Just the realization of that lifted a weight off my shoulders and I felt so light and airy.

We went out for lunch at the new Rocco's Taco's that opened. I am one of the strangest taco lovers because I can do street tacos, but I grew up eating beef tacos from Taco Bell and then in college I upgraded to beef tacos from Tijuana Flats (my favorite) and once I had to go gluten free I couldn't get the hard tacos anywhere. Most of the places that sale gluten free tacos are selling the traditional corn soft tortilla street tacos- which are good- but not my usual. And a lot of places do not do beef tacos because from what I hear it's not really traditional. So I was surprised to see Rocco's had a beef taco on their menu and that was enough for me to give the place a try. We had a great time and the beef taco was good, I got it on bibb lettuce which is my usual, but it fell apart so next time I will give the corn a try.

****This week I was working on a special post for Fabletics (as a brand Ambassador) I would really appreciate it if you call could stop by my Instagram second post here also or Facebook ( second Facebook post here) to like/comment/ or share my post. I am not sure I will even win anything, but I would love to promote it and the positivity that it projects up until the 25th! I got to collaborate with 1 trainer and 2 yogis this month and I had a great experience! Thanks again!****

Crop top: similar
Pants: H&M Conscious collection from last season (wouldn't recommend these pants either, they are made of recycled material and fit oddly). Similar here.
Heels: Floral  Minimalist Lulus not recent (there will prob be more when Spring comes around)
Necklace: Kendra Scott Rayne
Earrings: Kendra Scott Danielle
Lipstick: Fenty Beauty Spanked



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