VLOG CITY LIFE: : Living My Best Life- Staycation Recap at the Epicurean Autograph Collection Hotel

When it became obvious I was on the hook for Thanksgiving dinner I sat down and had a talk with my husband and told him I would like to do a staycation afterwards to relax. I am a fan of Marriott Autograph Boutique hotels so I was (shockingly) able to convince him to stay at the Epicurean which is right down the street from us. As the name implies the main theme of this hotel is food- or a foodie experience and wine. There are many unique things about this hotel that I love such as the lobby which is lined with repurposed wine boxes as well as the Bern's wine and whiskey store.

While at the hotel I did buy a bottle of Pinot Noir as well as a locally made candle which they sale in the lobby.


We have dined at the fine dining restaurant Elevage several times and love it there. The chef and staff always take careful attention to my dietary restrictions and the food is always impeccable! Everything I have ever ordered there has always been like they say "a foodie experience" and I always want to return for more. It was cool staying there because everything was more relaxed and we did not have to rush to get ready or worry about missing our reservation. It was also cool to do lunch there which we had never done. You really can't beat their lunch menu, all the food items are 6.00 and the drinks are 5.00$.

Relaxing in the room was interesting. There was so much alcohol everywhere lol. I have never stayed in a room that had 5 or 6 bottles of wine, whiskey, beer, martini shakers, and 5 or 6 types of glasses to drink from. You basically want for nothing. I did not take a photo of the shower, but it was a glass walk in rain shower. I am not sure if that is the correct description, but basically the shower head is on the ceiling. It was so relaxing I only wish I had brought my shampoo and conditioner to wash my hair!

Socks: c/o Tabbisocks
We booked a room with a terrace which was interesting because as you can see there is no partition between rooms. I have never stayed anywhere like this before. This hotel is nestled right in a really popular city area with historical ties to Bern's Steakhouse which is across the street. I had a great time doing yoga outside as well as relaxing by the pool, and then hanging out at the rooftop bar with my husband. We weren't there very long, but for both of us it felt like a couple days and we left feeling relaxed, excited, and invigorated.

I am a firm believer of taking a break, stepping back and reflecting on life and not being afraid to live your best life. My husband is like this also, but he is more hard headed and it takes quite a bit of cajoling to get him to take time off from work. I know many people probably would not see the point of staying in a hotel that is right down the street from where you live, but don't knock it until you try it. As a housewife, I live where I work, so in a sense I never leave work so sometimes I personally just need to get away from this condo and my boisterous cats. After slaying Thanksgiving my body gave way to the stress and my RA flared up in my hands and feet. This quick respite gave me time to meditate and recenter my chi and rest. Staying in an Autograph hotel is more of an experience then it is a vacation in my opinion.

I never thought I could be torn away from my favorite place in Orlando- Bonnet Creek, but slowly I am edging more towards these hotels. I should have done a recap of the Bohemian in Orlando because that place was so chic and luxurious. I have been to 3 so far and so far they keep getting more and more impressive and they are very much my speed when it comes to being chic, sexy, and trendy.

Here is to living your best life. Some people like to buy material things, I like experiences which leave memories. I pretty much go where my heart takes me and my husband is always in support of my adventures. Where will I go next? Who knows... I have had people ask me why I don't fly a lot or assume I never left Florida for some odd reason. It's funny because a year ago today my husband and I were in Haiti.

My husband and I have always had an extreme wanderlust (him probably more so than me) and we have traveled a lot while in college shockingly. There are only a few places that I want to go that would require me to fly and if I want to go enough I will get on that flight. In case you're wondering, I hate flying because I have anxiety and it does a number on my joints having to sit for more than an hour. Right now, luxuriating in beautiful hotels is what I am in to because I like to keep my stress level as low as possible and just luxuriate as I always say. I hope you all enjoy the photos and enjoy your upcoming weekend! XOXO

Edge Social Drinkery- Rooftop

View of Bayshore on a cloudy Fall night



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