Senorita (Come with Me to The Barterhouse Ybor's Newest Restaurant).

We are still on my month long vacation, but to be specific my New Years Aircation; we brought the party back to Tampa. So, I found out there was a new restaurant that opened in my stomping grounds Ybor City. Ybor City doesn't get a lot of shine in my opinion because it has the stigma of being a raging party area (which it is). It's new businesses and restaurants that come into this community that are giving Ybor a great name as a place that you can bring your family or date at night and be safe. Do I feel safe here? For the most part yes, I went to school in Ybor City and it was the best thing I did for myself because I realized I was too sheltered going to college in Brandon. Ok, so we have this cute little outfit that I threw together because I wasn't feeling like dressing up this night. Nothing in this look is new by the way. 

We arrive in Ybor City and I tell my husband I feel over dressed and too colorful lol. There is an event going on that night and the cops are literally arresting people and it looks like Live PD, but my look probably draws more stares because the color of the night is black and I didn't get the memo. We had a great time on this night, we even ended it at the cigar shop (photo 1). This restaurant- Barterhouse is the real deal. It's been only 1 week and I wanted to return two days after. The food is droolworthy. I love restaurants like this that cook fresh food and use local farms and are cognizant of their imprint on the earth and environment. 

Where Have You Been White Off The Shoulder Top: Red Dress Boutique, not recent

Maxi skirt: Zara, not recent

Spiritual high charm necklace: Ettika

Bumbag and detachable strapLouis Vuitton

Compliments of the Chef
Not gluten free
crab puff
The Barterhouse is located in West Ybor closest to the Centro Ybor complex and Hillsborough Community college. If you are a Tampanian that gets around the overall layout and decor of The Barterhouse is a lot like Tampa's downtown Osteria on Franklin street. Although they don't have a separate gluten free menu, most of their menu is gluten free.

There were maybe three items that I couldn’t  have such as the fried oyster toast, the native clam dip, the crab spaghetti Chilau, and I believe the tamarind pork shank my husband had was marinated  in soy or soy sauce. The main dish that stood out to me was the one right below, the Burrata. This Burrata is not like your usually traditional Burrata. The acid, the saltiness, and the sweetness were perfect. I could have eaten two of these on my own. It's not the Burrata that makes it amazing, its that marinade  that is under it with the yellow tomatoes, basil, capers, and white onions.

Gluten free

Florida oysters
The way they are served changes 

Not gluten free
Pork shank

Gluten Free

Gluten free
Joyce Farms half roasted chicken with beans and greens



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