Hotel Alba- Visiting The Spaniard (Media Event Pt. 2)

Executive Chef Brian Agoncillo highlights authentic Tampa flavors using fresh, local ingredients at The Spaniard, Hotel Alba’s signature restaurant featuring open-air dining and innovative dishes. You can find pt. 1 of the Hotel Alba Event here.

I did miss the portion that featured the food at the media event that I was invited to, but I knew I would be back because I love roast pork. The restaurant is pretty open and over looks the pool and isn't very busy. The food took a decent amount of time to make and I was glad because I knew it was being made to order. Overall, my husband loved his seafood dish. I am a hard one to win over when it comes to Puerco Asado because I eat it all the time, but I can say without a doubt this is the best roast pork I have had in Tampa. Its well seasoned and not soggy, but not dry. Its just right. The rice is a whole other story because I did not care for it.

The menu is small and also contains Tapas, but its straight to the point with all the things Tampanians love and look for at a Spanish restaurant such as Cuban sandwiches, puerco asado, arroz con pollo, gambas al ajillo, and did I mention they also serve media noche. Yesss.

Stop by this beautiful hotel and check it all out; its reasonably priced and worth the wait.

A lot of the items on the menu are already gluten free for example, the roast pork, saffron rice, and beans (make sure to not get the rice pilaf). Anything that you have a question about they can see if it can be modified like the pan seared calamari below which is usually fried.

Seared scallops with spinach, pork belly, and sautéed asparagus 

Marinated mojo roast pork with saffron Jasmine rice and black beans

On this dish I had to omit the rice pilaf, the plantains, and the fried yucca so that it was free of gluten or gluten cross contamination.



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