March 2018 Fabletics Review: February's Valentines Day Seamless Collection

Hi guys! I had so much fun doing this month's Fabletics review because I love the seamless sets so much. When I saw that Fabletics had a seamless Valentine's Day launch I was so ready to buy both sets and they were only 39.95. Both of these sets essentially are the same, but they both have different names so I will be writing one post for both. First off, I love the embroidery on them. The embroidery on the shorts gives a sexy hint of skin that is like peekaboo! 

I found that they both fit true to size and despite being seamless they still made my thighs look great. I know a lot of women love high compression workout gear because frankly it sucks everything in more and who doesn't want that? The seamless really doesn't have that so if you have a little extra body fat here or there it will show. These shorts in particular I felt were very forgiving and actually for me highlighted my legs.

****This week I was working on a special post for Fabletics (as a brand Ambassador) I would really appreciate it if you call could stop by my Instagram or Facebook to like/comment/ or share my post. I am not sure I will even win anything, but I would love to promote it and the positivity that it projects! I got to collaborate with 1 trainer and 2 yogis this month and I had a great experience! Thanks again!***

So, the most obvious thing that I noticed about this set is that with it being seamless it is basically like you are wearing underwear. There is nothing to hide the very clear outline and silhouette of your figure so if you are self conscious or just don't want everything out there then that is something to consider. I actually took my workout to the park in the morning and surely as soon as I got out the car some man drove up and started leering at me. For me, this is a set that I would wear in the confines of my condo.

Elise Seamless Boy Short
Elise Seamless Bra

Standing lord of dance with both hands: left foot grab with yoga strap

So, the next thing that I wanted to highlight is that while the soft pink is too cute and my speed, the red really really popped in comparison! As you can see further down you can see my pantyline in the soft pink which was disappointing since these are seamless and I was wearing the Fabletics seamless panties. All in all I am glad I purchased these two sets and they make for a comfortable workout. The bra has padding in it that can be removed also and everything fit true to size. Unlike a lot of the seamless capris and leggings the shorts did not roll down during the workout. 

Elise Seamless Boy Short
Elise Seamless Bra



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