34th Birthday Recap Bonnet Creek Orlando- Waldorf Astoria Hotel (Camera Roll)

Hi guys! I had so much fun this year on my 34th birthday. I had such a hard time trying to figure out where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. The last 6 months have been pretty stressful for me and I was frankly getting to the point where I wasn't even in the mood to celebrate my birthday. If you know me then you know that is just crazy because my birthday is super important to me. For me planning trips can be tedious because I always have to go somewhere that can prepare gluten free food for me so that is why I always end back up at Bonnet Creek.

Not only is it so peaceful here, but it's right next to Disney Springs and all these other places that can make 100% gluten free food for me. I don't even need my NIMA testor when I am here because that is the level of confidence I have in the staff here at the Waldorf Astoria, Hilton, and at Disney Springs.

The view from our suite

La Luce- GF Cesar salad

My FAVORITE dessert!!!!!!

This time I finally got to do poolside yoga! This really made my day because everytime we go on vacation there is no time to do poolside yoga so if I can get it in, it's usually in our bedroom or on the patio. How awesome is the blue in these photos??? And yes, the hotel sent up a birthday surprise for me that included these balloons.

Harvest Grill GF Jasmine rice, grilled shrimp and broccolini

Zeta Bar and Lounge Assorted sushi and sashimi GF and hubby's poke bowl (nott GF)

I always get top notch service at La Luce. They made me these gluten free spaghetti noodles in a light butter and garlic sauce since this soup came with bread originally and it was amazing!

Brunch at the Peacock Lounge

My birthday morning was made special by the staff at the Waldorf Astoria. Someone contacted me via Instagram and asked if I was still at the hotel because they had a surprise for me. I don't know how they knew what room I was in or even my name, but they sent up purple balloons and gluten free food as well as mimosas. The attention to detail was amazing. I love little things like that and it makes me keep coming back for more. The whole trip the staff was 100% great and I mean so many accomodations were made for me without me even asking.

And I am going to finish with some snaps since Snapchat is dying a slow death since their last update no one sees the snaps anyway:

Our trip is never complete without a trip to Disney Springs so I can go to Zara and then get some great gluten free food. This year we were actually not in the mood for fish and chips at Raglan Road (shocking) so since my husband is now on a Pescaterian diet I was looking specifically for seadood restaurants. I found this one Paddlefish that I think used to be a different place we had been to years ago and now it's a new restaurant. And I saw all of the seafood options and basically lost my mind at the possibilities. Once again the staff here was amazing and made me feel so special for my birthday!

Paddlefish at Disney Springs



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